Save me from the dark abyss of dark abyssness!

So.. it’s been a while…

I keep saying this over and over again, but i understand why my friends that graduated before me disappeared for like a year before they started being socialable. I am DIEING! I have so much school work and church and… parties… lol that I don’t have enough time to sit around on my computer any more. It’s Thursday, but sadly I was ready for the week to be over on Monday, and Wednesday felt like it should be Friday, and everything was just mixed up, and the week is almost over and I feel like I’ve missed most of it! Go figure.

Last weekend I went to Nashville with some friends to go to the temple and it was amazing. I had done a session and was waiting for some of my friends. The weather was beautiful, the air was delicious, and everything was perfect. I just did a bit of reading and wrote in my actual journal (which is why this journal is suffering, because I have been writing in my real journal, which only has about 15 pages left in it.). Then on Monday I had to write two papers, and I had a math test to study for. It was sort of pretty much terrible because I didn’t get back till 9:30, and I didn’t get anything done Sunday because I had church, and then a fireside.

I’m not a slacker, it’s important to realize that, but I’ve kind of been slacking a little bit, and I need to pick things up. I’ve started doing homework when it’s assigned, instead of waiting till the night before (which is how I got through my first semester), and I’ve also decided after a few months of confusion and doubts that I like my religion, and I still believe what I previously said I believed, just in a little bit different way. I feel like a little bit of a hypocrite now, but I’m working on being a better person, and that’s all that matters I guess.

I’ve got to run off to my philosophy class, but I’m going to try and update more then once a month.

Continue the fun!

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