a bad day

Tonight, my friends, was a shit night. The weird thing is that it was a pretty normal night. It was preceded by an average Sunday. My husband┬átirelessly folded laundry, entertained our 6 year old, and helped get our little nugget to nap. I wasted my free time on the worm-hole that is my genealogy and ended up realizing I’d been down the wrong path all along (naturally!). While B-man diligently got Ginny ready for bed I watched YouTube and nursed Sybil. He read to Ginny – they’re reading The Hobbit together – and I moved upstairs to put Sybil to bed.

Now up to this point it was a “meh” day. Not good, but nothing terrible. Nine p.m. rolled around, reading came to an end, I prepared to put Sybil down for a nice long sleep and our girls conspired to steal every last ounce of sanity. G had a meltdown of epic proportions, Sibs started in on what would end up being a 3 hour scream-a-rama, and B-man and I took turns fielding angry little people and catching a breath (and some chocolate) in the relative “silence” of the kitchen at the other end of the house.

It was awful.

Shortly after midnight Sybil screeched her last velociraptor cry of the evening, long outliving her big sister who had been periodically shouting “DAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!” for who knows how long. Finally the only noise was the dogs click-clacking around the house and the obnoxiously loud bubble of the fish tank that seems to get lower by the hour (maybe the dog is drinking it???).

B-man quickly headed to bed, because Super Dad still has to be Clark Kent in the morning. Mom on the other hand was too wound up with little baby shrieks echoing in her head to even consider laying down.

I’d say this is an anomaly, but this is like a five-nights-a-week kind of deal right now. So when you see me posting pictures of cute babies and cookie baking, remember that my life is also filled with a lot of whatever the hell you call this. And that’s okay, I mean – I assume every one’s life is a parade of shrieking dinosaur children and staying up until 2 am just to get some peace and quiet. If it’s not, don’t tell me. As I keep telling myself: Life moves in seasons, we are apparently in the season of “sleep is for the weak”. Eventually they will be teenagers that want to sleep the whole day away. Something to look forward to!

Looking forward to family siestas,
The Mama


Continue the fun!

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