My couch cushions are spread out over my living room as Ginny bounces from one to the other. It’s a rainy day with a chilly bite in the air, but our house is warm, and living room forts add that special sense of whimsy that turns rainy days into fun adventures. It’s a race to see how long we can go before a certain little one asks to watch TV.

But that is beside the point. While I have a few moments of fort-distraction I wanted to share some pictures from the autumn. School is full swing, our exchange student joined the basketball team which added another layer to our lives.


In September our neighborhood hosts an “Oktoberfest” for the residents. This was actually the first year I’ve gone. I usually avoid crowds, but have been trying to be better about taking advantage of opportunities instead of talking myself out of them.

For the first part of the event our exchange student and I volunteered in the food tent. We set up an assembly line and got everything going. We also got free t-shirts for volunteering!

T-shirts on and ready to serve!

After our shift we met up with B-man and Ginny who had walked over to the beach. It’s about 2 miles, but doable. Unfortunately we were rained out. Before we left I snagged these pictures though!

Ginny and our exchange student!

I actually painted this photo prop! It took me a couple of days, and occupied a space in my kitchen far longer than B-man approved of. But it was fun to stretch my artistic muscles.

And then I’ll throw in this hot-mess!

Duck lip are in, right?

My good friend Joey-poo and I cheesing it for the camera!


We took the kids to SweetFrog to share the joys of frozen yogurt with our exchange student. Naturally she is quite fond of the nutella. 🙂

See… duck lips are *SO* in!

Good times. I’m always surprised by Ginny’s ice cream choices. Lately she loves Mango flavored froyo. She’s definitely her own little person.


A little more photo dump from early October. At our house we have a good sized front and back yard, the latter of which is fenced. Ginny calls the fenced backyard “Zuko’s backyard” (Zuko being our dog), and the front yard “Ginny’s backyard”. She loves playing under the Magnolia tree and climbing on the large landscaping rock to the side of our house, and a particular bush has become her secret hide-out. I won’t betray it’s whereabouts though.

Our little slice of paradise is definitively suburban, but still full of interesting natural occurrences, from the large array of birds that grace our feeder, to the plants I haven’t managed to kill yet (or the grass that I have killed). One day though we found this mushroom circle!

My little pixie!

Of course, after she did a little dance we picked them all, put them in a bag, and threw them out. I haven’t seen any more, so it was probably the right thing to do.

And lastly some B-man & Ginny loves!

My favorite people.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. The weather is perfect, the colors of beautiful, and it’s like the Friday to Christmas!

Deep thoughts, I know.

Coming soon: Virginia Tech camping trip, Halloween, and B-man’s birthday!

Continue the fun!

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