Let’s do this.

We all make mistakes, and I guess the most important part is to be able to look back, accept that it was a mistake, and learn from that mistake. More than once I’ve been told that I’m… too nice. Or a pushover, or that I do too much for other people. Lol. I’ll be honest… I don’t mind. I don’t see that as a fault. I’d rather be nice to people who don’t deserve it, than be mean to people who don’t deserve that.

Regardless, I have made mistakes, one of which was giving up blogging. It’s like a hole, the further I get from the last time I wrote something, the harder it is to start again. But I’m starting.

Last August we welcomed a young woman from Spain into our home. She and I have a similar background – in that we both had cancer, and are both in recovery right now.

Ginny helped to make a sign for our new visitor!

We picked her up from the airport, and she had been travelling for the better part of the last 24 hour, so it was no surprise that she was tired. We stopped to grab dinner at an all-American restaurant — BBQ! — then headed home.

Stopping at Texas Roadhouse on our way home!

The first few days were busy, she arrived just a few days before school started and we had a few house-keeping items to take care of before she could attend the local high school.

In between getting her settled we spent some time collecting much needed items for our local food pantry. ACTS does so much for our community, so Ginny and I often collect food or household items for the organization. I grew up in a home where serving others was a top priority, and it’s something I like to involve Ginny in. It’s an easy way to introduce topics that aren’t always easy to talk about. We talk about how every one has hard times, and the best thing we can do is remember that every person deserves to be treated with kindness.

Dropping off macaroni & cheese, and lots of peanut butter (among other things!). I let Ginny pick things from the list of “much needed” items, and she picked a few of her faves.

We also collected items from neighbors and friends, and Miss. P helped me deliver those items!

Helping other people makes me feel good, for many reasons. Some altruistic, like knowing that I am helping members of my community, and exposing my daughter to the realities of this world, while also teaching her that she can do something about it. But some of my reasons are selfish. I like feeling useful, it makes me feel better about myself, and feeling connected to my community really helps me to feel grounded.

I’m going to get better at this. I want to leave this record. I want to be able to love and relive these moment with Ginny now and when she’s older. Here’s to resolutions, and doing things for myself.


Continue the fun!

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