Time flies

I’ve probably named a million blogs that title. But it’s true. My life is measured in distance from events. Two years from my cancer diagnosis, Ginny is almost 5 – she’s starting kindergarten in September, and we’ve had an exchange student living with us for five months. I feel like my life revolves around other people, all day, every day – is that how it always is? Is that just part of being an adult?

Being further away from cancer feels good. I’m getting my issues better under control. Leading up to my 18 month scan I was having severe abdominal pain. Turns out it’s stress induced IBS. I literally need to take a chill-pill. Go figured.

I have thought for a while about Ginny’s ¬†education. I’d love to be able to give her the very best, and I think she will thrive at our local public school. I do worry that because she’s never been to pre-school she will struggle with the adjustment, but to be honest…. she’s a control freak. A place with rules and a tight schedule will do her some good. I think. We’ll see.

As for our exchange student – it’s been a very eye opening experience. A peak into the future, if you will. Thankfully we haven’t come upon any insurmountable issues, though it’s probably an experience I’m likely to repeat.

And, for the record, Trooper is my biggest trouble maker, and my sweetest little love.


My brain spends a lot of time planning for the future. Right now I’m planning to go back to substitute teaching while I work on getting my teaching license. I don’t know what I want to do with my life, but I need to do something to keep my mind off the aches and pains that come when I am allowed to let my mind wander.


Continue the fun!

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