Sweet Summer

While the winter and spring months disappeared quickly, the last few months of summer have left a bigger impression on me. I didn’t realize how catatonic I’d become, sleeping in until the early afternoon, then going to bed early in the evening. It’s a wonder I have any memories – most of which involve driving in the snow and sweet things others did for my family.

We did a lot of travelling, which I will document eventually, but my favorite moments have been the little things. Little things like seeing Ginny love the same trampoline I grew up with.


Or when we find the best in our flooded carport: built in puddle jumping! Ginny got to pick those polka dot boots out at the L.L. Bean outlet when we were in Maine.


We managed to squeeze in three camping trips in just two months. One trip was a three-day adventure in celebration of our five year wedding anniversary. Ginny loves it, outdoors is definitely her element.



My favorite moments over the summer though are when I get to play witness to Ginny and her Daddy. The way they interact, it makes me jealous! She’s full of giggles, he’s incredibly patient. Any person who dares to say that men can’t be as nurturing as women need to spend a few days in this household.


Ginny has grown a strange fondness for lizards and the name “Jeff”. A neighbor gave her a small rubber lizard, which was named Jeff. Since that point every stuffed animal, doll, and living thing without a name has been named Jeff. Jeff is also the name of the guy that makes my salad at Panera every Tuesday. Go figure.

While I was sick people helped us out in so many different ways. One of those not-expected ways was the people who brought over hand-me-downs for Ginny. Every penny counts, and I’m thankful to have such thoughtful friends. Below is a picture of Ginny in her “running shoes”. She’s convinced that wearing them requires running. It’s endearing.


Ginny got her first umbrella this summer, as a birthday gift from a neighbor. It has Mickey Mouse on it, and her name. Of course she is enamored.

I think one of my favorite things to do with my little love (and my big love) is to get out of the house. I’m a bit of a wimp still, and “getting out of the house” might be code for “I’m too tired to cook so lets go somewhere”. It’s a nice treat, and a good experience for Ginny. She’s been learning how to order for herself, and she always asks so nicely!



I move slowly these days, but I try to move a lot. I’ve found that if I spend all day on my feet, I have joint pain the next few days. It’s hard. I want to do things. I want to feel better. I want to be motivated. So when that moment of energy comes I grab on to it, and I push and do and go and get things done. Then I pay for it.

I’ve been going through our things, I have a large collection of donate stuff by the front door just waiting to be taken. My house is coming together, and the spot I’m most fond of right now is this little table with the house plants I’ve managed to keep alive. Our the window you can see our extra-large umbrella that makes the patio slightly more appealing. Thankfully the weather should be cooling off soon, and then we will be spending our morning out there. Just need the mosquitoes to die.

Continue the fun!

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  1. Here in Florida, we really don't see the big change in seasons. It can be nice, but it can be very fooling when you all of a sudden look up and another year has passed… I too still have the busy days and pay for them the next few days… I would love to have more busy days, but this too shall pass.

    I am so happy life is getting better for your little family it does my heart good to see the pictures and all of the things you have been enjoying.

    Take care and God Bless,

    Love you,

    Aunt Sue

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