the laundry closet

I originally bought this dark grey paint for my dining room. I wanted to paint the top half light blue and the bottom this lovely grey color. Unfortunately at the time the entire rest of my first floor was some shade of brown… and I wasn’t sure if/when I’d ever paint the other rooms… so I left the light brown in the dining room and tucked this can of paint away.


Living near Ikea is a curse and blessing. I can be there in 15 minutes, and I almost always check out the “as-is” section. Well… there was one day that the as-is section was filled with cupboards. I contemplated taking them all home for my craft room (I regret not doing this), then I couldn’t find enough doors (I could’ve bought doors from the regular section)… so I just took home two small upper cupboards to put in my laundry closet.


The curtains came with the house, and were always in the way. This room is actually our Rec Room, where we have work out equipment, an air hockey table, a fussball table, a full drum kit, and leather recliners. Not the prettiest room, but this laundry area was definitely an eye sore. The light fixture was original to the house too, trimmed in peeling gold metal.

I replaced the light fixture with a simple glass bowl with no metal visible. Painted the walls and ceiling of the closet, removed the painted-in shelf, and hung the two cupboards.


It looks a million times cleaner, and we don’t need the ugly curtains to hide the ugly laundry area! I still would like to put two shelves between the cupboard, to store prettier things (pretty laundry things?). I did this update back in November, and shortly there after started suffering the pain that would eventually be diagnosed with cancer. So things have kind of been on hold. Go figure.

One more picture, with the light on:

This total renovation cost me approximately $55.

1 gallon of paint: $24

2 as-is cupboards: $25

new light fixture: $5


I’ve budgeted about $20 to find the shelves to go in between the cupboards. Now that I’m starting to feel better, and especially when I’m done with chemo, I plan to finish this project so I can move on to other projects… like the blasted craft room.

Continue the fun!

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  1. It looks great! My laundry "room" is similar to yours, but I don't have those cabinets. I just may have to copy your brilliance. May I suggest something that has helped me with actually FINISHING my laundry? I bought a (tension) shower curtain rod and hung it above the washer & dryer. That's where I keep hangers … and where I hang up clothes as they come out of the dryer. Maybe you could still do a shelf between those 2 cabinets, and then the rod just below the bottom shelf (high up enough for shirts to hang without getting in the way of the top of your appliances). Put the rod below the front edge of the shelf, leaving enough space to get hangers on and off easily.

    1. That is a neat idea! I like to fold in front of the TV, then I make a pile of hang-up stuff and my husband does that job – so I'd just be creating a second closet for him if I put a rod down there! lol.

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