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I less than a month we’ll have been home owners for two years. As a child I used to draw pictures – floor layouts – of my future home. I’d draw in the furniture then color them in. I was pretty intent on having a sucken living room that required a step down. Not sure why I thought that was a good idea. Regardless, we did not custom build our home. Some one did – as I’ve been told – but I did not. The first time I saw this house though, in picture form, it was true love. It went on the market on a Friday evening, we toured it Saturday morning and put our offer in that day. When you know, you know.

I love so much about this house, but one of the things I’ve never been a fan of is the paint colors. Our bedroom was a dingy yellow/gold/brown color, the dining room was a dark dark red, and the kitchen walls were painted brown. The brown went nicely with the tile they chose – but it was incredibly dark. Despite having four windows and a sky light, the kitchen suffered from what I like to call “perpetual depression”. It didn’t matter if it was high noon, the room was dark. I’ve got enough depressing stuff in my life, so it was time for a change.

My Mama bought the paint for me, and by chance one of my neighbors informed me that she was a big fan of painting. So much so that she actually volunteered to come help me paint! How often does that happen?!

Here’s a picture of my brown kitchen at the brightest hour of the day. The only hour we can be in there without lights on and not feel like it’s too dark,

And a picture of the room at night, with Brandan doing the dishes. 🙂



Those spotlights do weird things and the red lamps rarely got used because of how dark they were. Regardless…. it was a very dark room. But 1.5 gallons of paint later we have a much happier, brighter kitchen!

We had that blue rug in the garage so I pulled that in, otherwise this is the exact same room, same time as the first picture! I changed the red lamp shades out for clean cut white ones, and am much, much happier in this room. From the living room you can’t really see the kitchen, but there is so much light bouncing around that it even brightens the adjoining room! Brandan and I keep saying it feels like we’re on vacation. Like this is some one else’s bright white kitchen and we’re just hanging out in it. Best feeling for a kitchen ever!

Continue the fun!

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  1. It looks like a new kitchen!! I love it!! I would have helped paint. I just volunteered to help your Aunt Debbie paint the interior of her new house. Love you!!

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