it’s cold here.



It didn’t get above 16 degrees outside today. I thought I loved the cold, but I’m not so into having it be so cold without getting to go skiing. Thankfully I can still put Ginny in snow bibs and marvel at the cuteness that is toddlers and snow. 🙂




One morning this week I came downstairs and Ginny had insisted on all of her “friends” eating breakfast with her. I love that Daddy obliged this request. You’re only two years old once!

And then this is just Ginny and I heading out for some errands. I knit that blue hat this autumn. She’s so proud of it, and loves reminding me that I made it for her. My little lovely. 🙂


Those little boots kill me too. They are hand-me-down-borrows from her best friend and I think they’re adorable. Plus, when we do have snow, they are legit warm. So cute and practical!

And lastly: Ginny is a big fan of “selfies”. When she sees herself on the screen she always comes up with the biggest cheesy grins!

Continue the fun!

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