Ginny lately.

This chick-a-dee owns my heart.

A few nights ago she woke up and then promptly threw up. It was a rough night, and we spent a lot of time over the following 24 hours just chilling, watching Mickey Mouse, and snuggling.

When she has trouble sleeping we set up her little travel cot in our room. She’s a bed hog and can’t sleep in bed with us (unless you like getting kicked in the head… which I don’t enjoy… so we don’t).

Of course, the dangers of getting sick – she missed tumble time this week. We might go to the open play later this week – but it’s not as fun as the class. Here’s Ginny and her little best friend at tumble time last week. G loves it, and she likes talking about it and asking if it’s time to go to tumble time. Sheesh.

Any way – just thankful my little is feeling better. Of course… while she was sick she was happy to just chill, which meant… more sewing time. Bitter-sweet, but I’m glad she’s getting back to herself – the silly goose.

Continue the fun!

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