sleep when the baby sleeps (07/11)

New moms are often told to sleep when the baby sleeps. Honestly – it’s great yet impractical advice. I was lucky though. At the time B-man worked from home exclusively so I had help 24/7. It meant that I really could sleep when the baby slept, because my sweet husband made up for everything I wasn’t doing. So whenever Ginny would fall asleep… it was very likely that I would fall asleep too – nursing always made me tired.

So tiny. I can still feel her little 7 pound body against me. I miss being able to hold her like this. Her tiny butt makes it look like I have HUGE man hands!

This never happened on purpose, and I know some people would say I spoiled her by letting her sleep on me – but to those people I say “poo poo!”. I love that she spent the first several months of her life right next to me. Now that my non-snuggly baby can move around I feel deprived!

In this picture she is swaddled, and I’m actually mostly sitting up. And that’s the flowery pillow I’ve been sleeping with since I replaced my childhood stuffed animal with it… in high school.

A shout-out to B-man… I’m thankful he captured these moments for me. I love that I have so many pictures of me and Ginny (these are just a few among them). I don’t have many pictures of myself with my mother, so it was one of my priorities. Thankfully my husband took the job and captured a bunch of sweet moments.

And now the mish-mash of leftover July 2011 pictures:

These little pajamas were my favorite. They had a little elephant on them and the footsies were so precious. I liked them so much I actually bought them in every size. *for shame!*


Ginny meeting her cousins for the first time. The little boy there is just a year older than her, and we got together to celebrate his birthday. She spent a majority of the time sleeping, or nursing, or sleeping.

Pissed off baby. This is actually the hiccup face. That poor chicky had hiccups almost 90% of the time.

Obviously this was so long ago that I don’t remember the story behind the screams, but this kiddo was super good at being pissed off. For the record: she still is.

After her first ride home we had to make a mad dash to target to get a smaller neck support. Also note that my 1-2 week old baby has a clip in her hair. Because she had SO MUCH HAIR!

First family lunch date. lol. We went to Chili’s because I was sick of eating hot dogs and simple stuff. Ginny slept the whole time… so you could say she was really well behaved.


More sleep.

Squished up sleeping.


When she had thrush she couldn’t nurse well and wouldn’t take the pacified, but sucking on my finger seemed to calm her. So I tucked her into my shirt (that’s a thing, right?) and just snuggled her. 🙂

And this last picture is kind of precious to me. B-man was sitting on the couch while I nursed Ginny and he looked over and said “You look so pretty.” I laughed – I was exhausted and felt pretty crappy. He said “No wait, I’ll show you!”. So he snapped this picture and showed it to me. I don’t think it’s a particularly flattering picture, but it means a lot to me because it means he sees more in me that I see in myself. He loves me even when I’m a bit rough and worn out. It should also be noted that I covered up for this picture. I didn’t usually use a cover in my own home.


And so I’ve caught up the first… two weeks… of my daughter’s life. Only 2 years to go! I’m going to try and mix it up a little more, but I had these posts all planned out, and my camera is being difficult so I have yet to coax it into giving me my more recent pictures that I wanted to blog.



Continue the fun!

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