November Goals


  1. Hang the shelves in the laundry room.
  2. Put my room together. No extra stuff.
  3. 1+ backlogged post per week.
  4. Menu plan.
  5. Budget plan for trip to Sweden.


Plenty of big and little things to do this month. I had been really good about menu planning for two months, but it’s one of those things – if anything gets off track menu planning goes out the window. B-man’s parents are talking about a trip to Sweden in the next year. Flying to Europe and staying for a bit is kind of expensive. I know we could find the money to get there, but I want to be able to enjoy the trip too. Can I save a couple thousand by menu planning?


I’ve decided to start blogging backlogged pictures. I’ll call it “Backblogging”. My intention it to write the posts, have them in their “new” chronological location for a set period of time (a few weeks maybe). Then I will change the posted date to the original date of the pictures. So… I’m going to slowly fill in the last two years. I guess the nice thing is I can do it out of order if I want to.

Continue the fun!

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