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I took up knitting a little over a year ago. I learned from a friend of mine, and then learned more from the internet, then more from books, and then even more from the local knitting group I joined. It is such a beautiful thing, to be able to make something out of plain old string.

In Maine… I’m assuming there are a lot of sheep. Because in Maine, there is a lot of yarn. Well… more than there is where I live. Where I live there is one, very small, “local yarn shop”. They carry a wide variety of things, but every time I’ve gone in to ask for a certain something they never seem to carry what I want. Of course I can buy these things online, but supporting local business is important to me, so I always try. My other options are stores like JoAnns or Michael’s. They typically carry cheaper, lower quality yarn.

I don’t have much more to say about yarn, except for that I love going into the yarn stores in Maine.




yummm. It’s all so vibrant and pretty and soft. Alas, this store also did not carry the specific things I have been hunting for, but I still purchased a few cones of lovely cotton yarn, and then two scarf kits that include silk yarn and mohair yarn. They knit up to look like this:

I bought the kit for the purple scarf last summer when we visited Maine. (This is taken from the balcony of our room at my in-law’s beach house. Beautiful, right?!)

I ended up coming home with quite the little stash:

On the left in the thin hanks are sport weight linen. The tourquise will be linen hand towels, while the orange will be a stretchy farmers market bag. The big blue cone and smaller green and yellow cones are mercerised cotton – which means they have been treated to make them shiny. The brown cone is plain old cotton. The top right is the two kits, one is going to make a red scarf and one will make a two-toned green scarf. The chunky yellow and magenta skeins are got a sweater, and those baby feet belong to Ginny – for whom the sweater will be made. 🙂


Over all my favorite part of going to Maine (in my two trips there) has been the yarn – it’s just so… yummy!

Continue the fun!

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