Typically, at this point, I would’ve taken my fake tree down, put it back in the box, and banished it to the basement until next year.


But this year, we got a real tree! The fake one looked tiny in our house, and just didn’t feel right. So we got an 8 foot tree. We got it in the house and had to trim it so it wasn’t touching the cieling. lol.


In any case, I’m saying this because you can kind of see the tree in the background of one of these pictures – and I’m super defensive. I paid for that tree. A tree died to help us celebrate the holidays, and honestly – it is still beautiful, so we’re still enjoying it.


In other news. There was a box in my living room. I’m not sure why. Maybe it used to have… well… some thing was in it, but then it was empty. So around the end of December it got flipped on it’s side and Ginny started crawling in there to hang out. Of course, it was a bit like my first dorm room: cave like. Being incredibly bored, and trying to tidy up a bit, I spent a little bit of my time and turned that lone, cave-like box, into a miniature playhouse!

Don’t worry, it’s fully functional. I was going to make little curtains for it, but I doubt she would’ve appreciated that, plus sometimes it’s nice to just let the sun-light come in!

Please note the incredible detail in the shingles. Also, the box is from Lowe’s, Juuuust fyi,


So, I was gone most of the day. I was hosting a baby shower for a good family friend (hosting at some one else’s house since I live kind of far away from every one). When I called B-man to tell him I was headed home he said “remind me to show you, I got some cute pictures on my phone.

Yes, cute. naturally.

There were some of Ginny sitting on a wheeled giraffe wrapped in a blanket, and then… well, there was this:

That’s the Young House Love book. I pre-ordered it before it came out, and was very happy to receive it. Ginny is a lover of all books, and had pulled the book off of my desk, and then sat down to browse… I guess she is looking for some nice affordable ideas for updating her little house. lol.

I accused my husband of staging the photo, but he assured me she had been finding different books throughout the house and then taking them to her house to read.

My heart melts.

Continue the fun!

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