happy new year!


This morning, I put Ginny in a laundry basket, turned the TV on, and relaxed in bed for an extra hour. Sort of. G-baby isn’t really interested in the TV. She was interested in sitting in a laundry basket with a stuffed frog from my childhood.

It was adorbs.

And I didn’t sleep, because I was too busy peaking at her and trying to steal this picture.

And yes, that is a messy room, with the left overs of having recently painted. I purchased the paint back in October, but never got around to painting. Lucky for me I have an amazing friend who drove up from F’burg – TWO DAYS IN A ROW – to help me paint while her precious kiddos helped to mind Ginny.

It was poop yellow/green before. Awful. The room is so peaceful and calming now. I feel better rested when I wake up now. It’s lovely.

In celebration of the winter solstice I made a special dinner for our little family. I decided to highlight in-season veggies, and just make it fancy. The fancy part didn’t work out. B-man ended up having some car troubles as I was cooking, and then extended family situations lead to the evening having a very solemn feeling. Regardless, I still made some delicious food stuffs.

As part of our dinner I made “Meltaway Cabbage” from Simple in Season, a  cookbook I received for Christmas last year. I’ve made this recipe twice and it is delicious. Cabbage, softened for at least on hour with butter and paprika – then mixed with egg noodles or speatzle. Naturally, I don’t need much of an excuse to break out my speatzle maker! I made a big bowl, and then Ginny stood by the stove, and then at the kitchen table, carefully picking up one noodle at a time and lowering it into her mouth. I try to cherish these moments. They surpass all elements of time and generations – my baby likes the things I like, and it is precious.

This year we decided to do our nuclear family celebration of Christmas on the Solstice. We spend Christmas Eve with his extended family, and Christmas Day with my extended family. It is always good to spend time with them, but it leaves me feeling burned out, which can lead to the holidays feeling rushed and less special. Doing our own thing, in our own time, gleefully handing each other one gift at a time – it does my soul good.

Santa drove through our neighborhood on a firetruck! With sirens blaring they tossed out candy canes and all the little kids collected some. Ginny picked up a lollipop, while I pocketed a few leftover mini-candy canes. Yum!

One of my gifts this year was a bread machine from Nanny. It makes a 1 pound loaf, which is perfect for our little family. I have made about 5 loaves since opening it. I’ve dabbled in bread making before, but seriously – this makes it so much easier! Plus, I was able to set up a bread making station in one corner of my kitchen with all of the typical ingredients collected and read to make a new loaf of deliciousness!

And that (generally) covers life. Home made bread, delicious speatzle and cabbage, and of course, crocheted hats. I didn’t make these ones, they were Christmas gifts from one of my little sisters, but they are adorable and super warm. Ginny’s is a little big, but it just means she has plenty of room to grow into it!

I long for warmer weather – a weird thing for me, as I usually prefer the cold. But now the cold means staying inside, which is nice for me, but is hard on Ginny. Almost all the way through December we were spending at least an hour in the back yard every day. I would get to sit in my camp chair, read a book, or knit, while Ginny would run around, chase the dogs, collected leaves or, upon request, bring me a stick!

Maybe if we ever start using our fireplace she can be our kindle-collector!

Continue the fun!

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