embracing the fall

The weather is changing. Before Sandy it was still fairly warm every day. I would not have considered wearing a sweatshirt. Now it is definitely sweatshirt and slippers kind of weather.

During the summer Ginny lounged around in a onesie and socks. But these days my crazy haired baby is sleeping a full on fleece romper.

It’s also been oatmeal every morning for a few weeks now. Of course, that’s what I’ve been told. Recently B-man has so sweetly been letting me sleep a little longer while he feeds Ginny in the morning. I should probably be going to bed earlier, then I wouldn’t feel so exhausted, but I definitely appreciate the help/extra sleep.

Ginny has also become very good at feeding herself with flatware. If I ever serve her finger foods while I eat with a fork she demands that I hand over my fork for her usage. lol. I wish I could say this helped on the mess, but it’s just a different mess.

With the cold weather also comes a long list of things I would like to be knitting. I am currently working on a pair of socks for a knitting exchange I signed up for, but I’ve also got 2 scarves and a hat on needles, each in a bag, waiting for me to finish these socks!

It took a long time to get started. This cuff took be 2 days. :/


I got about 3 inches down the cuff of the sock and was very upset one morning to see that Ginny had climbed up onto the table and pulled all of the needles out of my sock. 🙁  I quickly sewed a lifeline in and then shoved it into a bag. I didn’t know how to fix it, because… well… I’m new at this.


I went to the online group and explained my dilema and through the magic of the internet a kind soul who lives near me was willing to meet up with me at panera and spend two hours fixing my sock for me.

Needless to say: faith in humanity restored.

Now I’m working on the heel section.

I have not been knitting for very long, but it is really growing on me.

Speaking of standing on tables… I quickly determined this was a bad place for Ginny’s little table. eek!

It has been moved back to the kitchen and away from the messy craft table covered in scissors and needles and other pointy/sharp things. eek!

Of course, Ginny loves autumn just like her Mama. We spend a large part of our day outside, Ginny trudging through the leaves.

Aaaand… that is 20 bags of leaves. Those came from just our front yard. It took four hours of a local teenage boy, me, and Brandan. Lots and lots of leaves in bags… lucky for Ginny we still have leaves all over our yard too. :/

I need to get a chair for sitting on the patio. In the meantime though I just sit on the ground, while Ginny explores our backyard. Today she found this small section that has lots of little white rocks. It has been covered in leaves for so long that she hadn’t noticed it before!

It is neat to see her finding and exploring new things. Thankfully she was not interested in eating them! This lack of eating every object is a new thing – and I am so glad for it!

She is growing so quickly. She runs now – and fast. She also (as pictured earlier) can climb. Sometimes I find her on a table, kindly clearing it and putting all of the papers on the floor. It’s annoying, but I know she’s not trying to be annoying so I try to just correct the climbing instead of getting worked up. It’s been a constant battle.

Her hair is growing too. I can do almost an entire ponytail, or bouncy pig tails, and now:  a braid!

It’s kind of nice because she can sleep on it and it doesn’t get super messy overnight, like a ponytail does.

And that is life lately. 🙂 It is slow, and fast, and perfect.

Continue the fun!

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