toddler activities: water bowl

Well, this one may seem like a no brainer, because it is SO easy and simple. Of course, I don’t do it very often because I find the potential “mess” intimidating.

Some times water is the best thing ever. I’m speaking specifically about the dog water. But naturally – it is the dog’s water, and thus not something I want Ginny playing with. We have recently moved Gretel’s dishes into the living room, instead of the kitchen. Since we spend so much time in the living room they have kind of become a part of the background, instead of something to sneak off and play with. But they serve as a good reminder that some times the most fun thing in the world is just a bowl of water.

Honestly, the only time this wouldn’t be fun is if you did it on carpet. Since we have fake wood floors in our entire house I would be fine just putting a towel down and setting the bowl on top of that. It’s probably 4 cups of water – max – so not really that big of a mess.

I typically save these all-distracting activities for when she is cranky, and just needs to forget what is making her mad. I’m sure being a toddler is tough work. Honestly, just going out side is a nice distraction for her, it seems to make almost anything better! I guess this could also be done as a pre-curser to a bath, for some reason having the water in the bowl is more interesting than sitting in the water. Ginny doesn’t really care for sitting in the water, she would rather lean over and splash. Yes, I wasted $5 on a baby pool to find this out. She didn’t set foot in the pool the entire summer. :/

This post feels kind of like a cop-out, but at the same times sometimes I wish some one had said “a bowl of water will entertain your baby for at least 20 minutes!”


Appropriate for: babies that can sit on their own. I shouldn’t need to say it, but I will. Children can drown in just 2 inches of water, so though this is independent discovery, never leave your baby unattended.

Entertainment time: 15-30 minutes, or until they dump the water our and get cold. It’s in the 70’s here, which is too cold to be wearing wet pants.

Alternatives: add ice cubes. We did that during the heat of summer when it was really hot. Two bowls of water? Add a cup for scooping. Bowl of water + bowl of beans is just like the dog food she loves so much!




Continue the fun!

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