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I realize I mentioned this before, when I talked about using glass items with Ginny, but that is only slightly related.

I breastfed Ginny. I still do. She is 14 months old and nurses at least 2 times a day, if not more. It’s kind of an “as needed” thing. Teething pain? Tripped and got scared? Too tired to put herself to sleep? Nursing soothes all of these problems. I’m not so quick to whip it out, lol, and we usually only nurse at home now, but up until recently nursing was actually still a huge part of her diet.

I really waited until she had stopped nursing with meals before giving her cow’s milk. And honestly, I still avoid it. Instead we focus on getting those dairy servings in other forms, like cottage cheese, yogurt, and other cheese products. I felt like giving her milk was counter productive to my desire to nurse as long as it was mutually beneficial.

We also, incidentally, did baby led weaning. Ginny has never been big on purees. In fact, if we would sneak a bite into her mouth it would often result in gagging, and then throwing up. She didn’t want them, and with how much she was nursing and her love of cottage cheese, my doctor assured me she would eat when she was ready. So I gave up on the purees. Instead I would give her some of whatever I was eating. If she was interested, great, if not – oh well.

When dealing with food, and life in general, it isn’t required. And I’ll say that. If I offer her something and she turns it away I’ll ackowledge he decision and say “That’s okay, grapes are not required.” If she comes to be 10 minutes later wanting a snack, grapes are todays snack, so that’s what I’ll offer. Eventually – if she’s actually hungry – she’ll eat some grapes. If not, she’ll wait for dinner. FYI: Things that are required are diaper changes, seat belts, sun hats, sun screen, etc.

She is still a very picky eater. She likes what she likes, and is hesitant to try anything else. I try not to stress over it, because she is gaining wait appropriately and clearly thriving. But it’s hard to let it go. Food has been a constant struggle in my own life since I was a young girl, and so I have to remind myself that my problems don’t have to be her problems – it’s a happy thought.


So now when we are doing our morning routine, for the longest time cottage cheese and yogurt required my help. Too slippery or thin for her to feed to herself with her fingers. With our switch to real cups, and real plates, I have been trying to encourage her to use the flatware too. Recently, it just clicked. This video is the FIRST TIME she tried using the fork (with out my demonstrating and encouraging).


And I can’t believe that is my baby. ūüôĀ

Also – an update to my post about glass things. Ginny has been using these glass cups a lot, and sometimes this happens:

And then¬†occasionally¬†this happens…

It didn’t break. She’s also tried to put them in the donate box, dropping her cup on top of another cup. Her cup was fine and dandy – the other cup broke. Since she moves her own dishes to the table, she is picking them up a lot. With this beginning stage she does drop a cup about once a day – and none have broken yet! I’m honestly completely¬†surprised, and also impressed. Especially since I paid $2 for the four of these cups!

Continue the fun!

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  1. I JUST wrote a post on how it ISNT FAIR that children grow up..It's downright evil infact.

    Reid would eat and STILL eats any and everything I put near his head. Purees when he was younger and now regular food. I offered him a PB&J and he turned it down so I thought he wasn't hungry. So I heated up a left over steak Chipotle burrito and he started screaming…well, I didn't get a chance to eat it, he ate it all-steak included!

    It's so funny because for his height they want him to weigh more..and I told the doctor..well then maybe you can tell me what else I need to do because the kid eats EVERYTHING and ALL of it.

    My kids need jobs.

    I was reading in a parenting magazine that some children will need to see food 12-15 times before they will even touch or lick it-let a lone eat it. So just keep making it and eventually they'll eat it. Kind of like how you do the grape thing. The article went on to say that kids don't like new things so when squash is made for the first time it isn't like they don't like squash persay..they don't like the new thing (so it could be anything), but keep introducing it and more often than not kids will eat it.

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