make it monday: a center piece

My dining room came with a nice hanging light. It is relatively new, and looks like something you could find in any home. Unfortunately it really isn’t my style.

Even more unfortunately my style isn’t in my budget. lol.

So I’ve given up on the lighting for now. I’ll just pretend it isn’t there. In the mean time I’ve been collecting something a little more… shiny.

I bought all of these candle stick holders at thrift stores.

There are 12 here. The majority of them cost between $2-3/each. Two of them cost $5, but they were the more interesting ones, and the bigger ones.

I bought the candles at Ikea, I don’t know how the prices compare to other places, but each candle was less than $1.

They look pretty nice with the lights still on, and I plan on using them for special family dinners and celebrations.

I’m also hoping to continue collecting them. In this picture there are no leaves in the table, but we have 2 that can be added, so as the table expands, the centerpiece can expand as well!

It looks so special in the dark, and definitely sets a nice mood. Plus there are so many candles that there is easily enough light to enjoy dinner by.

What do you have in the middle of your dining room table?

Continue the fun!

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