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I have been reading a few different books. Some talk about the Montessori method of teaching children, and some that focus on the Waldorf methods. Having attended Montessori schools as a child I have a few memories of those systems, and I like that the Waldorf methods make me feel a little more connected to the earth.

If I were going to rename my blog I would be the accidental hippy. Just roll with it. that’s what I do.

So these Waldorf books both talk about instilling a rhythm in your daily life. Time flows in rhythms, whether it is the way Christmas comes every year, or the way the weather cycles between the seasons. As adults we have names or our weekly cycles. Monday, Tuesday… these days mean things to us. But as names they are pretty abstract. Young children have a hard time grasping concepts of time. It’s still relatively new to them. Tomorrow and next week seem like one in the same. So Waldorf suggests adding a physical element to your daily and weekly rhythms, instead of just abstract names. So we have church day, vacuuming days, washing day, etc. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with distinct activies for the rest of the days of the week. lol.

I also have tried to implement a daily rhythm. So when we get up in the morning we do the same things every day.

We start out on the potty. By “we” I mean Ginny. I usually end up holding it. Forever.

But I didn’t get a picture of her on the potty. Instead I got a picture of her in the potty.

Once that is done we get dressed, and then get breakfast.

This morning she had about 1 cup of cottage cheese.

And while that may seem like a lot of cottage cheese, I just keep offering it until she pushes it away. I guess she’s growing though, because when I sat down with my breakfast:

Well… she ate almost all of this too. I got about 3 bites in.

Of course, she really only eats breakfast, because for dinner she wanted a few graham crackers and a couple dried cranberries. Is it too early to have “fend for yourself” dinners? lol.

And then we had cup practice:

Every morning I give her a *tiny* bit of milk in the cup. Once she drinks it I add more to the cup, until she’s had enough. this practice is leading up to her getting to use her own glass cups, which is actually just around the corner, but I’ll talk more about that some other time.

After the cup practice we do the dishes. Ginny helps me put plates in the dishwasher, and then she loves lifting the door and pushing on it to close it. Then she claps.

The TV stays off during the day. I don’t know how I used to watch so much TV. I guess I was just nursing, and sitting, sooo much. Now the only time it comes on before bedtime is for the music channels.

I’ve been listening to the Soundscapes channel because it has very calming music on it.

The calming music is good, because I use listen to it while I do yoga.

As soon as I spread the mat out Ginny likes to walk on it, which I understand, because it feels neat under her feet.

Then she will take off running to play behind the curtains or chase the dog a little bit. She usually gives me enough time to do two sun salutations.

I am really enjoying this little addition to our mornings, because it really does help me feel centered. I turn off the lights, open all of the blinds and let the morning sun fill the living room while I breath through each movement.

It feels good.

Once breakfast, dishes, and yoga are done, we move on to other household chores that need attending to. This morning it was washing the bed linens and airing out our feather duvet.

This only lasted about 2 minutes. 1. Because it was hot and the air was stagnet, lacking any wind at all. And 2. Because after I got B-man to hang the line so I could put the blanket up, I pulled out the HOA book and realized that clotheslines were against the rules.

So we took it down and threw the duvet in the dryer on the fluff cycle. When Fall comes around I may be tempted to break the rules again for a few minutes.

After this point things vary from day to day. Some days we go to the library, some days we go hang out with friends, and some days we just stay home and play. But adding this little “rhythm” has definitely helped me feel a little bit more peace in my hectic day, so hopefully it is helping Ginny start her day off well too.

Continue the fun!

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    1. I'll have to add grocery, library and art to our schedule. We do all of these things but they usually don't happen on the same day every week. Thanks for that inspiration!

  1. Hm. I don’t like the “grocery day” idea. I think it’s more useful to use actual days and time frames. Of course Reid doesn’t get it (who is only a week or so younger than Ginny) but I use them anyway because now Bean (who is 2) gets it.

    She understand what tomorrow means. She even knows what we do on certain days of the week. Like she’ll say “We go to the market on Saturday to get donuts.” which sounds better, to me, than saying “On donut day we….”

    She even gets the concept of tomorrow. So when she wants to play with her toys I tell her, “No you can’t play with them today, but you can play with them tomorrow” and so she’ll report back to Mozart, “Daddy I get to play with my toys tomorrow” and in the morning she’ll wake up and say “I get to play with my toys today!” (remembering that today is actually the tomorrow we were talking about).

    She is even getting the concept that her birthday once a year and will come next March. She’ll say things like, “My birthday is over. It’s in March.” and I’ll say something like, “When is your birthday!?” and she’ll say “It’s in March!” and I’ll say, “Is it March now?” and she’ll laugh at me and say “Noooo!”

    I don’t know. It just makes more sense to me to use Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…. and “tomorrow” and “weekend” and months. It has actually saved off tantrums because it gives her the time frame and it’s also teaching her words and ideas like time and once a year events that she’ll need to know in pre-k when she turns three- a win, win for us.

    1. I can see what you mean, and I'm not going to not say the days of the week. The point is to have a bench mark to help kids grasp those time concepts, as well as to help them feel more stable. I know if we have a week were we after put and doing a new thing every day out can be stressful for Ginny because our messes with her only easy of measuring time. I guess the point is too try and keep a dependable schedule, like having doughnut Friday, and not just doughnut day. 🙂

      1. But is there a difference between, “We have donuts on Friday” and “Donut Friday?”, to me…”We have donuts on Friday” seems more sophisticated in language, something we are very passionate about with our kids.

        1. My phone does horrible thing when I am trying to type. Lol. My last message is un-readable! Sorry. The point is to have the schedule. So that if you say Friday you can also day "before Friday happens there are there more days. Err have to go to three grocery store tomorrow, then we will go to the library before Friday happens." The schedule is the important part. I doubt I will say "today is wash day!", rather "today is Wednesday, so we needed to wash put sheets before we go to the park today."

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