over the weekend

My weekend started on Friday.

Actually… let’s be honest here, I don’t really have a weekend. lol. Who am I kidding.

so. Friday.

Sometimes it is too hot to go outside, and too stir-crazy to stay at home. If school were in session we would go to the indoor playground at the mall, but during the summer it is over-run by kids that are taller than the suggested hieght… who also happen to run over my wee-nut with out a second glance while their parents sit on the side and chat.

I can’t stand it, so I don’t go.

So instead we go to target. Not quite as fun in the meeting kids/climbing on everything sense, but I feel like I’ve spent enough money at Target that going there just to walk around isn’t really a big deal. lol. I practically keep that place in business.

So I took my starbucks coupon to the barista and got a giant chocolaty beverage with chocolate whipped cream. I fed the whipped cream to Ginny… cause I’m nice like that and it was a special treat for both of us.

Then… we walked.

She likes to walk around the clothing hangers. She’ll divert off of the main walking path, around the clothes, and back out to “peek-a-boo” her head out in front of me.

This is a slow walk for me.

Then, when we finally hit the aisles… she takes off!

And there she goes: down one aisle, and then…

…back to me. But not before checking the price of diapers. She’s thrifty like that.

I realize some people may think I’m inconsiderate, letting my child run around the store. Well really… it’s just an aisle or two, it’s at a point in the day where the only other people there are mom’s with babies, and I don’t let her run in front of people or down aisle where people are shopping.

Also… she doesn’t run. She just toddles at a quicker speed.

She found this ball at the front of the store and so I let her carry it around. Actually… I bought it. The thing lights up.

Honestly… except for the time when she goes around the aisle… she’s always within grabbing distances of me.

I kind of feel like this store, and the time of day that we go, is the perfect time and place to exercise a little distance. It’s an adventure for her, and a time for me to try and be less of a helicopter parent. If she starts to be disruptive the distance stops and she goes back into the cart. This includes pulling things off of the shelf.

We do this about once a week. It is a quiet, calm activity that lets her spread her wings a little bit. It is also an air conditioned, safe place to let her practice her walking. I don’t have to worry about her running into the road or trying to pick up a bumble bee.

Good times were had by all. We’ve been doing this regularly since she started walking and I’ve found that unlike a lot of the toddlers I’ve seen in stores, she stays near me, and doesn’t bolt the second I set her down. Possibly because she knows that would result in a ride in the cart.

And lastly: she loves this chair.

I considered buying it for a little while, but… I couldn’t bring myself to do it. lol.

Friday night we went out to dinner with my husband’s parents. We went to this Mexican restaurant, and thought the food was delicious it left me with heart burn and a tummy ache for the next day. My stomach just does not like Bell Peppers.

Saturday morning we went and took family pictures. I’m leaving it there, since I am super excited to tell you more about this is a separate post!

Since we had gotten up at the crack o’ dawn to go take pictures we decided to get breakfast on the way home. We went to a Denny’s, but it wasn’t the usual creepy/dirty feeling I get from Denny’s. It felt like a legit diner, and the atmosphere was really nice. It was a lot of families and old people out for Saturday breakfast. I wish I could convince B-man to do it more often, but I have a feeling sleep would be higher on his priority list.

Then we went home and took a very very very long nap. 4 hours, in fact. It was wonderful. But also a complete waste of a Saturday.

And then on Sunday we went to church:

That is a dress my Mom bought for Ginny for Easter. It’s just now fitting. lol. After church I took a nap, and then we went down to my parents’ house for dinner and to hang out a bit with some friends.

And that was our weekend. Lots of naps. It was… fast. On Monday mornings when my husband leaves for work… that’s when I miss him the most, because I feel like I barely got to spend the weekend with him, how can the time move so quickly?!

So… how was your weekend?

Continue the fun!

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  1. Mine was really fun since we shared our big news with our friends while celebrating my husband's birthday.

    We also went out to a really good restaurant for the same reasons and out for a concert (Langhorne Slim) on Thursday night which was the begining of the week-end for us. Just had a great time. Two naps too, one after running Friday, one before the party Saturday. But short ones 30mns-1h

    1. And I am so excited for you! I'm especially interested to know how you will mix your French experience with the surrounding American cultures. Sound like a pretty good weekend though! Enjoys those naps add much as you can, out gets harder and harder as you get bigger because it's less comfortable and then the baby is born and sleep becomes even harder to come by.

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