I lay in bed at night enjoying my “silence”. It typically consists of my sweet husband snoring very loudly, while my sweet baby scoots closer to me in my sleep. She started about 12 inches away and slowly she wiggled her warm little body up against mine.

Lately I have been keenly aware of how blessed I am, and I have been learning how to enjoy it. For the majority of my college years my response to ” how are you?” with some version of “fine”. But honestly – life is better than fine. It is amazing, fantastic, dare I say it…. perfect.

Of course, b-man busts out a louder than loud bulldozer snore and my baby wiggles and I freeze… hoping she’ll settle back into her sweet baby dreams.

In other news, things are coming together. Sort of. I felt like things were good and organized… then we cleaned out our apartment and now all of the left over random stuff is all over my house in placesnthey don’t go and I find it very overwhelming.

Cleaning the apartments was overwhelming. I criednlooking around the empty rooms. B-man pointed out where he dropped a bowl of spaghetti-o’s when we first moved in. Then I pointed out where Ginny first crawled as we sat where I bed used to be. I layed ddown for a moment with my head on his lap, eyes closed, trying to grasp onto the memories of that place we brought our baby home to.

People seem to find it strange – but I will miss my apartment. It was our home – and my baby’s first home.

Ive recently gotten to hang out with a friend of mine from when I lived in Georgia (in 2002). She is also married with a baby a few months older than Ginny and ot has been fun to rekindle that friendship!

And that is life right now. I find such sweet solice in my baby girl. I’m also enjoying every passing moment of my sweet, snoring, husband. So tell me – what brings you solice?

Continue the fun!

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  1. I don't think it's strange that you'll miss your apartment. You made memories there. Its okay to be a little sad about that. Just remember that you'll make great memories in your new home too 🙂

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