Baby foooood

I’m sorry if my over use of vowels bother people. I really talk like that.

Just like every other aspect of babyhood, Ginny has been a challenge in the food department. Today she is driving me a bit bonkers, because apparently she has given up eating (not nursing, just the regular… ya know… people food).

At 4 months our pediatrician suggested starting “solids”. So I dutifully strapped on a bib… wait. Nope. I stripped Ginny down nekkid, and we spent five minutes every night trying the baby food thing. She wasn’t into purees. So… I have up on the store bought stuff. My sister-in-law bought me a baby food making kit for Christmas, so dived right into that.

Hours of my life wasted. I ended up giving it all to a friend.

Ginny hated baby purees so much that after just one spoonful she would vomit. Gag, then vomit. Usually wasting the last 20 minutes I had spent nursing her, plus the home made baby food.

So after tow months of this… I gave up. She’s a smart kid. She tells me when she needs to… umm… get stuff out of her body, and I decided to trust that when she was ready she would let me know she needed more stuff in her body.

Instead of focusing on actively feeding her we went to a passive roll. She would sit at the table with us, and I would put whatever we were eating on her plate. Cute up pieces of meat, pasta, veggies. Salty, sweet, plain or spicy. And… she started eating. She likes sucking on meats, nibbling on fruits, and even enjoys spicy foods. Go figure.

It’s kind of a strange dance, this parenting thing. And usually I end up doing several rounds before I get it right. As of today… 6 months after we started trying to feed her, Ginny will eat cottage cheese any time, day or night. It’s my fall back. She will also eat most fruits, or anything that I seem to be enjoying. Go figure. She likes buffalo chicken and veggies seasoned with curry. This isn’t surprising to me because I spent the majority of my pregnancy trying to make up for the lack of sugar in my diet with spicy food and curry chicken salad.

She also drinks from a straw. Which is nice because we can ask for a kids cup with water and restaurants and not have to carry a cup around.

We are progressing. She definitely has a sweet tooth, which I guess is understandable, considering my friend described the taste of breast milk as “melted ice cream”.

I guess this is just another example of having to trust the baby. She knows what she needs, and she lets me know.


On a similar note – she is a really good restaurant baby (for dinners lasting less than 2.5 hours). She is a people watched, and loves to just sit and look at everything going on around her. We have been taking her to restaurants since the very beginning – which seems to be playing out well in our favor.


And as a side note: My pediatrician recently said that there are staph infections that are being spread via public changing tables. People will use their changing pads from their diaper bags, and then take it and us it at a different place – spreading the infection. A couple tips to avoiding this? If you must use your matching changing pad, wipe it down when you are done. Which… is too much of a hassle for me. I usually check the diaper in the car before we go in to a store or restaurant, and then again when I get out. I would much rather change the diaper in my car. Since most places rarely actually have the disposable covers available – grab some paper towels to cover the table instead.

I’m only talking about this because a staph infection can be very serious and very scary and I love y’all. Be clean, be safe!

Continue the fun!

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