The sleep issue.

Something I hats about being a parent is that when I complain about a problem I’m having with my daughter, people will basically shrug their shoulders and say its my fault any way. Well… that may be true, but a little sympathy goes a long way. Just because I did things differently from you doesn’t make it wrong, nor does it mean I have to just accept negative “side effects” of my desicions.

We are co-sleepers. It is not for every one. I have done plenty of research on the subject and I am well aware of the dangers – as well as the benefits. With that aside – even though it has been good for us, there are things that can be difficult to deal with.

Typically Ginny goes to bed in her crib to start. Usually she was nursed to sleep by me, or rocked to sleep by B-man. She is our first baby, and in the very beginning B-man gave me permission to baby her. I fully enjoy holding her, nursing her, and rocking her to sleep. You only have one baby…once. Next time I will have two, so I won’t be able to sit around and just hold the baby. I took full advantage of this “only child” time. Back to the point. Once she wakes up B-man would change her diaper then bring her to bed for me to nurse.

About two months ago we accidentally fell into a bad sleeping schedule – staying up too late, then sleeping in until noon. It became easier to just take baby G to bed with me. Some times she thinks the bed means play time. And who can ignore baby giggles!?! Certainly not I. After a few minutes she settles down and falls asleep nursing. But a big change is in the works.

She lays down, start nursing, but in the early stages of sleep she lets go and rolls away. She is on the verge of walking – the last “step” before we move her to her own big kid bed. Well… a floor mattress. As we move into the house, her room will be completely baby friendly. I will probably still lay down with her, and nurse her to sleep, bit on her own bed. She will still be welcome in our bed though. Some people may think it’s ridiculous to have a kid sleeping in your bed,unbutton there r several things that make it doable, and enjoyable. Firstly – B-man is incredibly helpful, from diaper changes, pillow arrangement, requests for water and finding my Tums – he does it willingly and kindly. And secondly – we have a king size bed. It always seemed strange pre-baby to have al much space between us, but now ot provides.plenty of room for baby between us. The third thing is our crib – which I have set up as a toddler bed, bit the mattress is the same height as my bed. So no matter which side I nurse her on – she cant fall off with B-man on one side and the three sided crib on the other.

I have fully enjoyed this time with my baby. I get to snuggle her, I feel better having her close by, and I get to sleep more. Is co-sleepong something you have done or considered? I never thought I would do it – but after weeks of sleep deprivation we started and haven’t looked back. It might be easier to have a solid sleep schedule with her in another room – but my family is happy, well rested and thriving so I cant complain!

Continue the fun!

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  1. My last baby is also spoiled rotten. I think it might be a first and last thing. Of course because mine are so far apart they all pretty much get/got that special time. Since I know Nicklaus is my last I give extra snuggles and cuddle time. I can't imagine what it will be like when that time is gone:( I will have to borrow one of yours!

    1. I'm sure that can be arranged. 🙂 though… if I follow your example we'll have to wait about 6 more years.

  2. We co-slept some with the second two children because I was having to get up on the other kiddo(s) schedule, whether I slept any or not. We had a Moses basket and then a pack and play in our room and nursed in bed. It is amazing how much better they slept in our bed as opposed to the same room in their own. I moved them out as they started sleeping through the night–neither of them did that on their own though.

    1. I wanted to hurry up and write this post because Ginny has started sleeping well enough that we may be moving her to a big girl bed soon! She is still breastfeeding, and its mostly when she is tired and ready for bed – so as long as shes breastfeeding, co-sleeping will probably be a part of our family dynamics.

  3. We have never co slept and will never, at least as far as I can predict. But I'm confident in my use of the word "never".

    I don't believe co-sleeping is overall healthy for the baby or parents but that's my opinion.

    We are big time RESPONSIBLE BabyWise believers and some people may be appalled at that. But the beauty of parenting is how unique it is and if everyone is doing what they think is in the best interest of themselves, kids, and family then we'll all meet in the middle.

    I do have to say though if someone is complaining to me about the issues they have as a result of a parenting choice they've made and ask for advice, and I give it and they don't follow it and keep complaining over a time period, I get annoyed and have no sympathy.

    I think we all need to understand that there are draw backs from the choices we make and usually people are willing to listen to complaining and give advice but when that's a cycle and the complainer doesn't change, it's annoying. I've told people in the past to not complain to me anymore if they aren't willing to make changes, ha! Sounds harsh and maybe it is, but oh well.

    When can we see more pictures of the house!?

    1. I guess what I mean is sometimes I just want to voice a complaint with out being criticized. If some one says they have a problem I typically just sympathize unless they are actually asking for advice. Co-sleeping works for us, but just like every other parenting choice – there are some times challenges. Sometimes ya just need to vent – but parenting is such a charged subject that people feel like they can tell each other the "right" way to do things. But like you said – if they ask for advice and ignore your advice and keep complaint that's different from a one time complaint followed by the tongue lashings I get.

      And house pictures will come when we move in and have Internet. Currently I only have my kindle so I cant get pics off of my camera. :/

      1. Exactly. That’s why I cut people off usually and say “Are you venting or do you want advice?” and that works pretty well with friends and family because I’m able to give them what they need and know my role, so that I’m not annoyed.

        I’m excited to see the house!

        1. Ya know – some times the best solution is just knowing you're not alone in this crazy world of parenting. Even if some one else isn't co-sleeping, if they mention that they also have had problems with xyz, it makes me feel like I'm not a complete and utter failure. lol.

          I'm painting the dining room on Tuesday, we move in next weekend I think that is when we are moving the internet, and sitting down to blog with be more feasible. Currently the computer is not in a room where I can set the baby down to play. lol. poor planning.

  4. I would never want to co-sleep because I like having alone time once my daughter goes to bed (or baby-free couple time). She is also the world's worst bed companion (though since we've never coslept this might just be because she's not used to it) the few times we've tried. How such a snuggly chubby little creature can be so pokey and take up so much space is truly remarkable.

    But I'm so glad that co-sleeping works for you, and think it's great. Don't listen to judgey people: if you all are happy, then that's really all that matters!

    1. We make efforts to put her to sleep in another room when we want grown up time…. or we take her to a baby sitter (which is why it is nice to have family close by). Honestly – I sleep better with her close by. I have a hard time falling asleep any way, but watching her sleep. It relaxes and calms me knowing shes there. Plus… our bed is huge so even if shes all splayed out there is still room. Lol.

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