The Process

We are buying a house. During the entire process I have been hesitant to post about houses on facebook or my blog for fear of jinxing the whole process. You see, the first house I fell in love with was swiped out from underneath our feet. It was yellow (swoon), and really nicely done on the inside. We saw it at an open house, then went back with our agent a few days later and put an offer in. Unfortunately a lot of other people liked the house as well, because we were outbid.

So we continued looking. But… long before that first offer in our desired neighborhood, we originally started looking along a 4 lane county road that connects the interstate to the town where B-man works. Essentially cutting out the interstate part of his commute. Currently B-man drives 45+ minutes on a good day each way, but with traffic it can climb to over 2 hours. We looked at 10 houses on our first trip out. We found two that we liked, but it was more like we liked those two more than the others, and not a “we love it!”. So… about 20 houses later we realized that what would be right for us, our growing family, was a house in an established neighborhood with good schools, convenient to shopping, the highway, and family.

Okay… so once we found the neighborhood we wanted we looked at every house in our budget in that neighborhood. But… in the fancy schmancy good school neighborhood our dollar wasn’t going quite as far. We turned down several houses because there were only three bedrooms, weird layouts, small backyards, and good size yards with too many neighbors. I didn’t want to feel like I was living in a fish bowl. Unfortunately, when you’re living in a neighborhood development, you often have several neighbors that you back up to.

So… we ended up going back to the bank and asking for more money. We are comfortable with the amount of money we will be paying – that is what matters. So, at this point is when we found the yellow house. That some one else bought. When we got the news that we didn’t get the house, I begrudingly scheduled a viewing for another house that had just been listed on the MLS listings.

I had been looking at the pictures of this house for 2 days before we finally got in to see it.

It was a Saturday.

I walked in, and pretty much knew that moment that I was home.

We looked at the rest of the house, which confirmed that feeling for both B-man and I… and then we put in an offer that same afternoon. The seller countered, we accepted, and signed the papers that night. We did it in a hurry too, because there was an open house scheduled for the very next day. If we had waited, and let tons of other people see this house, they probably would’ve gotten more money for it. But… we had papers saying we were pre-approved for a conventional loan, we were willing to move quickly, and open to letting them choose the closing date.

On April 1 we invited most of our extended family to “view” this “potential” home. Our offer had already been accepted, but who can turn down a little April Fool’s Day fun! At the end of the tour we asked what every one thought of the house, and then announced that it was already (tentatively!) ours!

Since that point we have had a home inspection done, negotiated for some items to be fixed, signed papers saying we accept the HOA rules, paid for a home appraisal for the bank, and spent hours looking at upholstered headboards and sofa sectionals.

We are still waiting for the bank appraisal. As long as it doesn’t come back below what we offered (and it shouldn’t, based on the other houses that have sold recently), it is our house and we will be closing May 15! I’m kind of in awe at how quickly this whole thing has transpired. When we close we will still have 45 days left on our apartment lease, so we plan to do some updating at the new house (painting, baby proofing, etc.), and then we will move our stuff out of the apartment, and have plenty of time to do a really good deep clean of this apartment. We had originally asked to close in June (with only 2 weeks left on our lease), but I’m kind of glad that we will have plenty of time to get things done with out feeling rushed.

I am going to wait to share any pictures until we have closed. It’s still some one else’s home right now, and I feel kind of like I would be violating their privacy by posting pictures of their house. But trust me, come May 15 I will definitely be sharing! I’m hoping to find some time to write a little bit more about the financial aspect of this whole process (with exact numbers), but right now I’m just keeping it light.


Also. I have allergy induced asthma and feel like craaaaap. Plus. B-man is taking care of Ginny while I type all of this. And…. I am craving some stuffed crust pizza hutttt tonight.

I’m hungry.
And sick.
And a wee bit tired.


Continue the fun!

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