le sabbath day.

Growing up my family was very adament about keeping the sabbath day holy. This doesn’t mean that they don’t do that any more, but their definition has changed. When I was younger it meant no TV, we didn’t go on trips, or to the movies or museums or the like. We spent Sundays playing family board games (usually religiously themed), hosting other families at our home, playing the piano/guitar and singing along, and always sitting down for dinner.

Now things are different. I have my own family, and my siblings are all growing up. Sunday at my parents’ house usually still involves a family dinner, and often includes singing/music, but we’ve been known to sit down and watch a movie. B-man and I also try to get out into nature when the weather is nice, even if it’s just for  a walk around our neighborhood.

Growing up with a pretty limited definition of what is appropriate to do – I had never celebrated the Superbowl. So yesterday was my first Superbowl. I think I watched the game last year, but we didn’t attend a party. This year we had lots of plans, but we settled on watching the game with B-man’s extended family. sadly their team lost, but it was still a good time!



Also – if you’re looking for a delicious cookie recipe to share with your friends and family this Valentine’s Day, click on over to Meg’s blog for a new way to share the love!


Continue the fun!

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