it’s a blustery day

We have decided to extend our lease another 6 months. Which means… the serious house hunting begins… right after New Years. We decided to wait because things were just too crazy with a new baby, a new job, and the holidays right around the corner. But I’m glad, because it means I got to decorate for Christmas!

I really do enjoy our current location though, which tells me, despite my inner desire to live out in the middle of no-where, I am also a fan of urban living. Sure, I don’t live in the downtown of a hustling and bustling city, but I do live really close to the grocery story, and the post office, and a Walgreen’s. The convenience to that is… well… firstly I can dress my baby up like this:

Crochetted hat by yours truly, baby gap sweater I picked up for $5, a jean dress from my Mama, tights and baby boots. Hmmm… cozy goodness.


I love being able to walk to places. Of course, if I lived in the middle of nowhere I could probably go do all the walking I wanted, with out worrying about gobs of traffic.  But while walking just for the sake of walking is fun, I love that my walking can be productive and even progressive, as I walk home with 30 pounds of groceries.


Walking has kept be sane, getting me out of the house with out having to fiddle with carseats and parking places. It’s good for Ginny too, because getting out of the house is usually the perfect answer to the middle of the afternoon fuss-bucket syndrome. A change of scenory. As we walk I tell her what she’s smelling. Pine trees, the fall leaves, fresh dog poop, smelly cars, fresh cut grass… it varies day-to-day.

Excuse my goofy smile, as I was trying to capture the mysterious, almost mystical “Ginny Smile”.

We get dressed up like this to go to the store, but we also take several out-door trips during the day to walk the puppy dogs.

I guess the one thing I am definitely looking forward to with having a house is having a yard. When Ginny was littler I wanted to go out and lay in the shade and watch the clouds go by, but a lot of people don’t pick up after their dogs, so laying out a blanket is a rather precarious process. It will be nice to have an out door haven of our own.

I know it’s been kind of weird, with the weather being so warm, so late in the year, but I’ve definitely appreciate being able to get out of the house, even if it is just for a short walk. I know a lot of children who spend too much time inside, playing video games, watching TV, on the computer, so while it may be early, I’m hoping to instill a love of the outdoors in my baby girl.

Continue the fun!

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  1. Ginny's smile in that last photo is just PRECIOUS!!! I would love to live in an area where I could walk to the market, drug store, street vendor, etc but like you said, then there would be traffic. What type of carrier do you use?

    1. The one in the picture is an Infantino carrier from Target:

      It was one of the cheapest ones there, and I think it works well, is very easy to use, and feels durable and secure. I also have a mobi wrap, which I use around the house, but I feel silly carting the mobi around, plus I always end up getting it dirty. If you get a mobi wrap don't get a black one. It's too hot to use in the summer, and shows EVERY drolly drip. lol. I wish I had thought that one through.

      Typically for grocery trips we use the stroller, just because it is easier. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, Ginny is just so adorable!! I wish we lived in a walkable area – we're in the suburbs and the only thing we could really walk to is a gas station. The grocery is a good few miles away from our neighborhood and the road there is a state route with a 55 mph speed limit and no sidewalks. Definitely makes thinking about any future home purchases a bit different when the goal is some where family friendly versus our current home which was our apartment lease is up and we need to buy a house before the federal refund program was up! 😉

    1. I think it's really hard to know what is important in a house, until you've lived in a few different places. Like when we started our lease at this apartment I thought it was fantastic because the master bedroom is HUGE and the laundry is right next to our room. Unfortunately the living area is TINY – which now I realize how important that is to me. When it was just the two of us it was fine, but now with Ginny we have like… no room to play. Live and learn I guess!

  3. Happy New Year! I agree, raising kids outdoors is very important to me. I love our house, but I could do with a front porch.

    I'm very lucky that we live in a neighborhood that has it's own "downtown" but without the big town traffic. With less than 2 miles we have a grocery store, a small local grocery, banks, coffee shops, bakery, pub and even the library. I love walking to places.

    1. that would be so ideal! I'm jealous that you could walk to the library. The closest one to me is at least 12 miles away and involves some very high traffic roads. It's pretty hard to find a house in our price range, near all of those types of things, unless it is a town house, which is not something we are interested in buying.

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