Growing Ginny: 5 months old

We were a little late on getting this picture. the 13th just flew right by and it was the 16th before I realized we hadn’t taken the picture. So today, before church, we drove down to Fredericksburg to get our picture.

Yes, we got out of the house an hour earlier than needed just to take a picture.

Miracles do happen!

And we were 15 minutes early to church. Win!\

Any way, it’s so much fun for me to have these pictures to look back on. I also love that when Ginny is bigger she will have pictures of us together. Some of my favorite pictures from my infancy/childhood are of me and my Mommy.

So, at 5 months, may I present to you, Ginny:

5 months, 14 pounds

At five months old she:

  • Does not sleep through the night, or in her crib, or for period of more than 15 minutes. lol. She’s a power napper extraordinaire!
  • Rolls both directions fluently.
  • pulls her legs up under herself, in a pre-crawling position.
  • sucks her thumb like a pro!
  • Drinks from a sippy cup. Kind of.
  • Sings with me.
  • Loves the front pack carrier.
  • Enjoys long walks along the beach to the grocery store.
  • Is still mostly breastfed. She doesn’t really care for baby food mush.
  • Is finally wearing 3/6 month clothes. 🙂
  • reaches for things. Cups, phones, glasses on her Dad’s face, Me. That last one is naturally my favorite!
  • laughs up a storm… and makes lots of cute baby noises. The kind of noises that the sun-baby from Telletubbies makes. She is quite the chatter.
  • knows how to throw a tantrum. It’s incredible how ingrained her temperament and personality are already. She is definitely her own little person.

and umm… she’s kind of adorable. Having a baby has been really good for my self esteem. The two comments I get most often are “Wow, she looks like you!” and “What a pretty baby!”. Based on those two things, I am forced to deduce that I must be pretty too! lol.


She is truly a baby. The kind you see in movies. And it is really incredible to watch her grow and change.



Continue the fun!

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  1. Agreed. Ginny is very stingy about her giggles, so when we do hear them it is a special treat that makes the not sleeping *almost* worth it. lol.

  2. That's so sweet! Today is junior's 4th month birthday, and I'm thinking of starting something like this. He is very stingy with his giggles, too! I wonder why?

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