My Shiny Home: le bebe’s room

Wanna take a peak at Ginny’s room?



At the beginning of my pregnancy I was pretty adament about not wanting a super pink baby room for my little girl. But… I kind of gave up on that. Mostly because I really do love the color pink (the bed spread on the twin in these pictures is mine from college. proof of my affair with pink).

Every time I go in to her room I am reminded of how tiny she used to be, as an enlarged birth announcement hangs on the wall above the light switch. It’s incredible how quickly they change!

Currently the baby pram is a glorified clothes holder. Too small for sleeping purposes, too big for me to carry down the stairs every day. We will be buying a house in the upcoming year, at which point the pram will become our regular walking stroller, as it offer some room for playing on long walks.

The mattress has had several different purposes, including guest bed, a place for me to sleep when Ginny was refusing to sleep anywhere by right on top of me and B-man needed to sleep because he had work the next morning, and umm… a play place.

On the wall is a clothe’s line display of cards we recieved before and after Ginny’s birth.

Window, hamper, baby towels/bath items, crib w/ baby in it.

Pretty self explanatory. We have two mobiles, one that I registered for over the crib, and one that was just given to us over the changing pad. Both are life savers. Ginny actually preferred the simple pink one over the changing pad for the longest time, and right now it is the only thing that keeps her from trying to roll away while we change the random diaper.

That dresser is from IKEA and my sweet sweet husband spent an ENTIRE Saturday putting it together, but it is the perfect height for a changing table.

The owls in her crib are from Toys R Us, while the owl art above the changing table are from Target. The green rug is from IKEA. (And the crib is like 14 years old. I don’t know where it’s from).

Looking at this picture just reminded me that I am not out of diapers like I thought, rather they are in that diaper hanger. lol. That tells you how often we use it! Next to the cute, albeit under used diaper hanger, is Ginny’s blessing gown. I guess I should post pictures from that! And of the dress. It is darling. My Mama gave it to us.

My Mom also gave me this little kit for getting you baby’s hand and foot print. I wanted to do it as soon as I got it, but it wasn’t feasible until recently, you see – she pretty much kept her hands balled up for the first few months of her life. Even now at almost 5 months it was kind of difficult to get a good print. She’s missing a toe in that footprint, but it was the best of my 12 tries.


And that’s my baby girl’s room.


Hind sight says a baby doesn’t really need their own room, at least not in my house where I want the baby to sleep in the crib right next to me so that it is super easy to feed and comfort them at night. She probably won’t sleep in her own room for a while now, but having the room is definitely worth it for the space to keep all things baby (because otherwise it would probably be in our bedroom), and to have a dog-free place for playing and she does take naps in here.

I had no idea what type of parent I was going to be, but if I had realized I would want/need to co-sleep, I probably would’ve forgone the nursery, since we are planning to buy a house soon, she will probably never actually sleep in this room, but who knows! Things change so quickly with a baby, maybe she’ll be sleeping in there a month from now?!

Continue the fun!

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  1. I love her room, you did a fantastic job!!! So, we have the same crib! We bought ours at a flea market around here, like a month ago. We co-slept at first, but, now I love having our room be our room again. He's been sleeping through the night, too, though. His bedroom is closest to the furnace, so, he sleeps better in his room now that we are using the heat (I think his room being so warm helps him sleep through the night). I like that you are okay just changing as needed and going with the flow of things, it makes parenting much easier. 😛

    1. This crib is on its third baby now! It was my little sister's, and she is like 14 now! We start every nap in the crib, but she usually ends up screaming to much, and I'm just not willing to let her scream herself to sleep. Crying is one thing, but once she starts the screaming I worry she'll hurt herself. For now I let her nap in the swing.

      I've never been a "go with the flow" type person before, so it's actually pretty incredible how having a baby has turned me in to a rather flexible person. My husband still tip toes around me some times, and I realize I must've been a crazy person while I was pregnant!

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