This is real life.

My room is covered in laundry. Completely, totally covered. Clean. Dirty. Somewhere in between. All types of clothing welcome apparently.

My house is a wreck.

Ginny doesn’t believe in napping any more, so instead of during productive things during her 20 minute nap I do things to keep myself sane and alive… like eat. Or take the dogs out.

Some times, especially at night, I get really frustrated that Ginny won’t sleep. She just cries, and often I cry too. Then I give up on trying  to coax her back to sleep in her crib and I lift her one handed into my bed and snuggle in with her soft sucking noises as I fall back asleep.

I kind of don’t want my dogs any more. I love them. Trust me, I really do. But they are driving me crazy. Gretel (our older, bigger dog) has taken to barking in the morning, just because she wants to be in the room with me. If her barking doesn’t make me give in, she takes to pushing on the baby gate, and then moving the *creaky* door back and forth. Creeeeeeeeak. Creeeeeeak.


I think Ginny likes her port-a-crib better than her real crib.

Anitra and I went and walked around IKEA today. I bought some straws, a plush ball for Ginny, and some food items. B-man loves those Swedish Meatballs, so I told him we could have them for dinner tomorrow.

Tonight we had polenta and pumpkin soup.

Recently blogging has not been my number one priority. I am always reminding myself that Ginny’s cry means “I need you.” and that there will come a time when she says that less, and less, until she thinks she doesn’t need me. So instead of being incredibly annoyed I jump up and take it as my calling in life. Currently – it is. I’ve thrown my whole being into becoming a great mom, but it has required me to cut back on other things… like showering and blogging. lol. I’m trying to enjoying being so in demand though.


I cried today. I looked at my little baby girl and she was standing on my lap talking up a storm and reaching for my face. I am often over whelmed by how quickly she changes, but today I just let myself go, and cried. My baby is growing up, and there is  nothing I can do to keep her little.


I say this all of the time to B-man, but I thought I would share: I am so excited for Ginny. I am so thankful for a husband who goes to work every day and provides for us – so I can stay home, and Ginny will have so many opportunities that I didn’t really have. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that if she says “I wanna learn ballet” – we can do that! T-ball? Sure! Day at the museum? Those are free up in DC – let’s go!

so… yah… I’m sad that she’s not tiny any more, but I am excited for her to get bigger.


I watched a show about birth on the Discovery Channel last night and I cried when the babies were born.


I didn’t cry when Ginny was born. But I was kind of out of it. Apparently I’m making up for all of the lack-of-crying now.



Continue the fun!

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