We’ve been planning this trip for months. Ever since my friend told me she was getting married.

As we left Northern Virginia we drove out some beautiful back roads through farm country. It breaks my heart to see so many empty homes. It’s one thing when it is the empty houses I drive by every day, but when you drive between pastures and farms and you see the family signs that are starting to fall into disarray from lack of maintenance. Part of the struggle I am having in committing to buy a house is that it breaks my heart a little knowing that people are having to sell their homes, and not because they want to. Sure, we are going to get a great deal, but at what cost?

So…. I had a depressing start. lol.

Ok, so the trip from our house to Knoxville is 7.5 hours long. From Knoxville to Nashville is 3 hours. That’s about 11 hours when you make the trip as an adult.


With Ginny is was a little bit more complicated. Everything with a baby is a learning experience, and we learned a lot on the trip down that made the trip back home a lot easier. We made it to Knoxville just fine. Ginny did a lot of sleeping. B-man and I did a lot of singing of “The Wheels on the Bus” and fishing for binkies. In the past when we’ve traveled I drove and B-man would ride in the front. This was our biggest mistake. After about 8 hours in the car Ginny started freaking out. Hind sight tells me she was just lonely and probably sick of sitting on her behind.

It only took us about 2 extra hours, but I was determined to not  stress about time. Starting out I said we were going to stop every two hours, unless Ginny was sleeping at the two hour mark, at which point we would stop when she woke up and started fussing. As soon as we would stop B-man would potty her, while I ran into the gas station to use the potty myself. Then I would feed Ginny while B-man went in. We got a system down.

Once I banished B-man to the back seat, at Knoxville, things were a lot quieter. Ginny just wanted some one to look at I guess.

We spent Monday and Tuesday in Nashville visiting my Dad’s sister and her family. I did a bit of shopping, and got an incredible deal on baby t-shirts. Win!

I also ate at Krystals…. in fact… it was the same Krystals that I ate my first Krystal at. lol.

Tuesday night we went out to Murfreesboro and visited my other Aunt and Uncle.

Wednesday we got up and drove back to Knoxville, checked into our hotel, and then headed out for dinner. We had a long list of restaurants that we wanted to hit up. We only got to three of them. My favorite Thai restaurant had closed. Boo. We also went to McKay’s to grow Ginny’s book collected. McKay’s is an AWESOME used book store. Lol. Vacation… book stores… those go together… right?

On Thursday we went out to lunch with my cousin, then I took Ginny around campus to visit some of my previous teachers and mentors.

Friday I did a bit of shopping, B-man and I drove past our old house, which now has several broken windows and looks kind of sad. Then we hit up our favorite Mexican place, then I bought a dozen cupcakes from my favorites cupcake place. hmmmm yumm. I gave some of them to my Sister-in-law who was dog-sitting for me. The rest of them went home with me.

Friday evening we went to my friend’s wedding. Afterwards we went back to the hotel and Ginny got to go swimming in the pool. I have a water baby!!! She is so cute she kicks and “hoos” a ton!

Then the week was over and we were driving back to Virginia the next morning. B-man sat in the back with Ginny the entire time, and there was very little crying. It was kind of lonely for me because B-man had his laptop out and was working… but I just listened to the Christmas music on the radio and practiced signing the music.


This post is kind of scatter brained. I have a mountain of laundry and a ton of un-packing and cleaning to do. But I’m home and alive and well.


Also… Ginny rolls. Every which way. She has started sleeping on her tummy, and she spends the majority of her time on her tummy now. Every thing from diaper changes to bathing her has just become immensly more complicated, and she is quite the wiggle worm. She also does a kind of army man crawl where she pulls herself across the floor.

And she found her thumb last week too.

She’s had a big week!

Continue the fun!

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  1. you had quite a week!! traveling with babies is so complicated haha, sounds like yall had a winning system worked out!! Krystals!?! really? yuck! lol i am so not a fan… could have something to do with getting WAY sick after trying it for the first time, but i am glad you had fun!!!

    1. Lol, we only get the Krystal "chicks" which are just little chicken sandwiches. And it is real chicken breast, not like McD's chicken nuggets. I like the chili cheese fries… but this is something we ate maybe 3 times for the year and a half that we lived there…. and something we had just because you can't get it anywhere else!

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