happy monday

This morning we drove all the way to the airport… just for B-man to be denied boarding because he was 5 minutes past the cut off time. We left with plenty of time, but then there was an accident on the (ONE LANE!) road leading out to the airport, so we took a detour which… was moving but longer… so I don’t know which would’ve been faster. Regardless, it sucks. So we are driving the 70 minutes BACK to the airport this afternoon… giving ourselves 2 hours to make the drive.

I am going to be roughing it alone this week. I have never had to go more than 10 hours on my own with Ginny, and now I’m going to do several days in a row. I’m hoping to implement some kind of schedule, she has been fighting sleep like the dickens lately, and it is really starting to ware on me!

That’s all. I’m still working on my DITL post, during the short naps. Keep me in your prayers as I try out this single parent thing. Here’s hoping I don’t go crazy!


Continue the fun!

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