that type of day

I changed out of my dirty, frumpy pajamas… into newer, nicer, clean pajamas. I hope B-man is impressed when he get’s home.

My house is getting cold, but I am holding out on turning the heat on.

This morning when Ginny spit up on me I knew I was covered in it, but I took some pleasure in knowing she got some on herself too. Sad? Maybe a little.

Have any of you done potty training? Ginny has started pottying in her diaper every time I say “potty”. Which means when I ask “Do you need to potty?” She does so… B-man made the mistake of saying “potty” after he had taken the diaper off, but before she was on the potty. I don’t know if this is something that people struggle with during potty training… but it’s kind of complicated. I guess I should just start saying “potty” more often, so that it isn’t only associated using the potty.

I’m working on that Day In The Life post…. it’s getting a little out of hand and I’m trying to not let it overwhelm me. Reliving my life is more stressful than my life. lol.

I am trying out a new deoderant:

I typically use that one in the blue bottle with a black dress on the front. Brand? I dunno. But ya see… recently Ginny has been next to my armpits… a lot… like every time she eats, and I worry about her face being against skin that has deodorant on it, so I thought I would try something a little more natural. Here’s hoping it works!

Ginny has been awake since 7 (two hours earlier than usual), and she won’t fall asleep. She just keep talking… and talking… then whining… then crying at which point I pick her up. I don’t want falling to sleep to become a stressful thing for her. She just seems so… awake. When I pick her up after an hour of her laying in her crib awake… she is all smiles and giggles. I know a lot of people like the BabyWise cry-it-out method… but it really is not for us. We do the sleep, eat, play, sleep process… and I put her down when she yawns or shows any sign on being tired… but she just doesn’t want to sleep.

enough about baby sleep. it’s really a big mystery some times.

I also think we’re experiencing some sleep regression… she was doing really good on a schedule and getting two long stretches of sleep at night… but the last two days have been off track.

ok. really done now.

B-man was late getting off to work this morning. Which means he’ll be getting home later. Which sucks. Adjusting to this real-job at a real-office is really difficult. It’s screwing with our relationship and driving me crazy. Boo.

So yah. Really all I’m saying is that it’s gonna be a long day and I didn’t bother putting real clothes on… just clean (albeit cute) pajamas. ya know… the kind with fleece pants and a coodinated long sleeve shirt, and the slipper B-man gave me for my birthday several years ago… because it’s cold here.


ETA: Ginny rolled over from her back to her stomach while she was swaddled… which means it is time to stop swaddling her when she sleeps in her crib… which might be why she is having such a hard time falling asleep.

Continue the fun!

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  1. Hey! So random, but a while ago I read about aluminum in deodorant and I got all hippie much to my husband's dismay. I tried Tom's and it worked, but after maybe a month, maybe 5 weeks, I was getting a horrible rash from it 🙁 Now I'm using some type of natural crystal roll on stuff that I found at Kroger of all places.

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