day 13

Ginny is three months old today. She has changed so much in the last week alone, even just the difference between yesterday and today was huge! It’s pretty incredible.

I photographed our life today. I thought it would be neat to do a “day in the life” post once a month on Ginny’s monthlies to kind of document how my daily life changes over the next year. So… I have a ton of pictures but I have to go edit and organize all of them before I can make that post. Wish me luck!

I wrote out the photo challenge topics on my calender, but I guess I have them all mixed up. I need to go backwards and do day 12… because some how I missed it. Luckily while I was trying to make up the day I missed I actually took my picture for today.

The topic is “you with 13 things.”

So umm… pick out 13 shirts and only count those items.

This is umm… about three weeks worth of clean laundry. We had been storing it on the floor, and when I tried vacuuming around the laundry I decided it was about time to do something with all of it. So yesterday and today I washed all of the clothes… why do we have 4 hampers in our house? lol. Where was I… so I washed all of that laundry and then well… it was on the bed… and suddenly I was being consumed by a mountain of laundry.

Then I spent the next three hours folding it and hanging up shirts and finishing off the last load of laundry.


We need less clothing. Or a bigger washing machine. Or a laundry service – wouldn’t that be luxurious!

Continue the fun!

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  1. Congratulations Ginny! It's so exciting once your baby can interact more and you can see the first glimmers of their personality.

    Laundry is one of my most disliked household chores. Here in Singapore we have a washer and dryer in the house (very luxurious) but the power outlet can only accommodate one machine at a time (or it will catch on fire, according to the handyman). So to process a load takes forever: wash, switch cords, dry (which takes hours because it's so humid here). Then I usually have to iron all the shirts, etc due to the way the machines wrinkle the clothes. And because it's so hot, my husband goes through 2-3 complete clothes changes daily.

    It's better than in Shanghai though, where we didn't have a dryer and all the clothes had to be hung up and line-dryed: in the summer they would just mold due to humidity, and in the winter the water would freeze on them. I guess I should be grateful!

  2. So I had to comment – this is so me! We wash clothes, but never fold them anymore. Just pick what we need from the clean basket that sits atop the hamper and for 2 adults we have entirely too many clothes and laundry. I can't imagine what will become of the laundry room when the babe arrives in February!

    1. The problem isn't so much the baby clothes as it is YOUR clothes that get baby fluids on them and then you have to change your clothes, which take up much more room than baby clothes. lol.

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