Day 5: from a high angle

Ginny has been sick for about two days now. Yesterday I did my picture at almost midnight, so I wasn’t really in the mood to type.

I don’t know if it came across in my post, but I absolutely loved my first yoga class yesterday. I am the only student in the class, so it is very personalized. When I said that something was hurting the instructor changed up her plans. When I mentioned that I’ve always had problems with my hips she focused in on strengthening the adjacent muscles. The class is a post-partum “Gentle Yoga” class, and the teacher really does understand what a post-baby body needs. This was a spur-of-the-moment decision, but I am so glad I signed up for this class. The class focuses on closing the hip bones, and re-alligning the organs/bones that moved during pregnancy.

It was so completely relaxing, and today I found myself yoga breathing when I started to stress about random things.

I took a yoga class in college, and I hated it. It was hard on my hips, and the class was so packed that the teacher didn’t have the time or space to help individuals. It was also at 8 in the morning. I don’t know what I was thinking when I signed up for it. But… apparently I learned somethign in the 6 classes I attended (before I dropped the class because of the severe hip pain I was having) – last night the instructor asked who my teacher was in my last class, and when I said it was a graduate student in Tennessee she said “Well she was a great teacher, because you have wonderful form.”


She had too much faith in me, because some times she would use the names of poses/positions… and I didn’t know what they were (even though they are basic positions) so I just watched her first. Oh well, I’m learning!

All day I have been contemplating laying out the yoga mat and doing some of the stretches I learned. I’m so glad I gave yoga another chance.


In the mean time…. there is something wrong with my baby, because she has been particularly fussy. I feel bad being around other Moms and babies because she stresses them out.

She cries easily.

Some babies wimper to indicate they are uncomfortable.

Mine screams her head off. I’m getting better at handling it. I’ve realized that if I keep my cool and figure out what she needs quickly, the crying stops sooner.

Today I went on a four mile walk with some one I met at the playgroup yesterday, then I met up with my Mom for lunch at Noodle Company. Yum. Afterwards I went to Old Navy. I am not a fan of Old Navy’s adult clothes. They are cute but never fit my body. I should try again now because my body has changed shapes, but I do like their baby clothes. Why? Because they look like regular clothes, just smaller. I am really over all of the baby clothes that have little animals and cute sayings on them. Okay… they are cute… but some times I just want to dress her like a regular person!

I think she might be growing, and I was not paying attention to her need to cluster feed, which is why she has been such a grumpy butt for the last day and a half. When I got home from Old Navy I sat down… and she ate on and off for 2 hours… which says my hunch is probably right.

I weighed her yesterday at the Mom and Baby group… and my baby that weighed 7.5 pounds at birth now weighs…. are you ready for this?

12 lbs 1 oz!

I can’t believe it!

Also… for those of you who think I am super Mom being able to go out and about and get things done… today’s picture features my wreck of a living room. I just haven’t had the will power to clean it up.

It also features the ridiculous amount of baby stuff in my living room. It would probably be better to move the TV into her nursery, because everything that should be in the nursery has sauntered into my living room and taken permanent residence!

So three questions:

What does you living room look like?

Have you ever done Yoga?

And for any Mom’s who read my blog: Do you find it emotionally difficult to handle the cluster feedings? How do you deal? It’s the one time where I really struggle to not get mad and annoyed. 🙁


Continue the fun!

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  1. Reid is a big boy too, 95 percentile! It’s crazy isn’t it?

    My living room is always clean because I get up at 5:30 and pick it up and then again before we go to bed.

    I dont really like yoga, I think it’s boring.

    I don’t really find it emotionally draining to do cluster feedings..I guess I just have a “Well, it has to be it” mentality. But then again, I don’t breast feed either.

    1. You really are super mom! lol. I don't go to bed early enough to get up at 5:30… I would only get like 3 hours of sleep!

      1. It's not really that I'm super's that I know what I need to do in order to function the next day. I know that if my house is a disaster, I can't relax and I don't get anything I always have to keep it at least orderly or I become super grouchy and unproductive.

  2. We have the living room picked up before the kids go to bed every night. I do get stacks of stuff put up out of reach, but if you look from kid eye level down it is clean at least. I just try to go around every once in awhile and take all the stuff that needs to go back to its place.

    With breastfeeding, I was pretty laid back. If the baby was hungry, I just hung out–computer, reading books to the others, etc. Id didn't bother me too much. They often did that before bed time, so I would sit and watch some TV if they were starting to doze.

  3. My living room is pretty neat usually because I like things organized (but not very clean since I hate actually cleaning stuff: tidy dirty?), and my daughter is too small to mess things up.

    Your yoga class sounds like a lot of fun: I love yoga and want to sign up for a class, but it's hard because my husband is really busy with work and traveling. Maybe next year when things are a little more calm?

    I can't remember being bothered by cluster feedings, but that's probably because breastfeeding always makes me fall asleep so I don't remember much 🙂

    1. Lol, some times BFing makes me tired, and sometimes it doesn't affect me. I hope you can find time for a yoga class – this one is really close to my house, and at 7 pm, so my husband is already home from work by then. I'm pretty lucky, I'm not sure if I could keep it up if the class were further away, or if it required a babysitter.

  4. My living room is overrun with baby stuff too. But the problem is that his bedroom is too small to put it all in, so it has to stay in the living room. When I was telling my mom about it one day, she said to enjoy this time because someday I will miss having all of the baby things around. That really made me stop and think, and now I don't mind it so much.

    The cluster feeding is rough. I don't really have any advice for it, but I totally understand how frustrating it can be. It was the worst when I was pumping and stressed about having to have that much milk pumped all the time. I was a total wreck during that time.

    1. Yah, I smile every time I see the stuff, but I wish I had a place to put it. The reason it is in the living room is because really… I do the majority of my baby care IN the living room. It would add hours to my day if I had to go to Ginny's room every time I needed something. lol.

      Thankfully it only lasts a few days – and I'm sure it is even more stressful when pumping. 🙁

  5. I swear I'm not trying to be all doomsday, but this picture made me remember. there will be this lovely short break when you are able to keep up with everything again. You'll feel like superwoman! Then your baby will become a toddler and it will be destruction all day every day. Like my house right now. Sigh.

    1. At least I am forewarned! I feel like if I were just slightly more organized things would be better, but I'm not. lol.

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