day3: clouds

I am not a photographer. Faaar from it. I used to have a plan old point and shoot camera that my grandmother gave me for my birthday one year. Some how, it took amazing pictures, but I don’t really know why.

Sadly that camera started going down hill last Christmas. Pictures would have weird lines through them, and files would randomly go missing. For my birthday I upgrade to a newer, shinier, bigger camera. Not a DLSR, but heftier than a point & shoot. I can easily adjust the settings, aperture and shutter speed, and attach a flash if I needed to. Unfortunately, when I bought the camera I really had no idea how to use any of these things… I just wanted a “nice” camera to take pictures of my baby with. Since I didn’t know how to use my camera until maybe… a month ago… the first 2 months of Ginny’s life are documented, but rather poorly.

I’ve finally figured out how to use all of the buttons. I still have to consentrate to remember if I should be making the aperature number bigger or smaller, same goes for the shutter speed… but I’m getting better! So much so that I felt inclined to buy a tripod. Woot!

I waited all day to take this picture. Every time I walked past a window I would peek outside and be sorely disappointed by the mass of grey sky covering my view. Thankfully, an hour before sunset, the skies opened up!

This is the view from my parking spot. lol.

Today was an eventful day. B-man had his first day “on the job” at his new place of work. *yah* for orientations! Then I acted as a responsible pet owner and got both of my dogs vaccinated (buh bye $350!).

I also signed up for a post-partum yoga class. When I called to sign up they said I needed a doctor’s note. I said “My baby is 3 months old…” but it didn’t matter. So I called my OBGYN and the receptionist asked “so when was your baby born?”  “July.” I responded. She also thought it was ridiculous. Oh well. I am starting a yoga class tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Continue the fun!

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    1. The sky outside was actually a light blue that made it almost impossible to see the clouds, I upped the contrast and hue saturation to make the clouds a little more obvious. 🙂

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