Big News!

So I mentioned that I have some big exciting news. While it sadly does not involve moving Central New York, it does involve moving. Now I realize I have already mentioned that we are moving because we are going to buy a house(!!!!) but the reason we are going to buy a house is because B-man is getting a new job!

This should be great news and make me really happy, especially considering the amount of money involved, but I have been experiencing sporatic panic attacks followed by crying and large amounts of stress.

In case you didn’t realize this, B-man currently works from home. It is incredibly convenient and amazing. When we accepted this job the large $ number distracted me, and I completely forgot that it would mean no morelong lazy mornings with my hubby, and giving up the incredible flexbility that has allowed him to attend every single one of my pregnancy appointments and all of Ginny’s doctor appointments too.

I realize that I am a “stay at home Mom” but really we are currently stay at home parents because B-man is always willing to take a short break to change a diaper and take Ginny when I’m at my whits end. He even makes me lunch when he is making his own. I’m really not sure how I am going to get anything done with out him here.

I know it can be done. I just don’t want to do it.

So this new job is rather bitter-sweet. A huge change in our lives. B-man will be driving about 45 minutes away for work both ways, but thankfully the raise he is getting will allow us to buy a house closer to his new office.

I always forget how bad I am at handling change. I kind of feel like my way of like is about to be ripped out from under me. I am excited about the prospect of buying a house, but a large part of me wishes we were’t doing this. In my mind I would rather live off of the smaller salary for the rest of my life if it meant I could have B-man at home with me everyday.

I’ve been a wee bit spoiled for the last 2 years.

So just be warned. I am very happy about the changes coming in the next few months, but I am also ridiculously scared and stressed about it too. Prepare for the sea of craziness that my life is about to become (and pray for me too!).


Aaaaaaaand I’m in the mood to share some pictures.

I tried to do one of those “Day in the Life” posts… but after taking pictures of half of my day I realized how boring my life is and decided that I would not subject you to the lame-ness. Here is one picture I got though!

Ginny is wearing a diaper cover and hat knitted by my friend Anitra. She is so creative and crafty – and some how has the motivation to actually get things done! She made both of these in less than a week! Throw in that she is like 7.5 months preggo and has two little kids at home and she makes me look like a turtle walking backwards!

And then this picture is from today:

Don’t worry, I have never left her in the bumbo on a raised surface.

Bumbo seats have been recalled, yet again, so we are borrowing this one until they come back out again.

It’s crazy how much Ginny has changed in just a matter of weeks! Over the last two weeks she has gotten very good at standing (with just my fingers for support), she lifts her shoulder up off of the group during tummy time, and she enjoys sitting in the bumbo seat for a while. She has a big head, so after a few minutes she is over the bumbo, but it’ll get better as her muscle get stronger.
Not only is she physically growing, but she is so smart! I am now able to talk her out of crying. She loves little songs, but especially “Mary had a little lamb”… not sure why she likes that one. My favorite one is “Wheels on the Bus.” I sing it to her every day, despite her lack of enthusiasm for it.
It just occurred to me yesterday that at this point in her life, she has still spent the majority of it in my womb! Some times it is hard for me to believe that this is the little thing that was constantly kicking me and keeping me up at night with her hiccoughs!
Continue the fun!

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  1. Do a DITL! I love every single one that I have done, no matter how much or how little we did that day. It's wonderful because it helps me capture pictures of our everyday life, instead of just focusing on the big events, you know?

  2. I know this post has been out for a little while, but why were bumbos recalled? They're still on the shelves in Canada.

    1. Different countries deem things "dangerous" for different reasons… I tried looking it up and I think it was because of the label placement. lol.

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