re-realization of the day

As my husband and I drove to our church labor day picnic we were talking about the future and eventually buying a house. I said to him:

“Okay honey, say “I’m buying a house.” and then tell me the feelings that you feel.”

It was in this moment I re-realized what a great man I married, because not only did he not laugh at me for my poorly constructed sentence where I used “feel” twice, but he actually answered the question.

There are some days were we are totally off and we snapping at each other and grumpy from not sleeping and glaring at each other because we can’t say anything over the baby crying.

Then there are days were he reminds me why I married him, and why we have been best friends for so long.

He get’s me, and loves me enough to put up with my silly demands to express feelings at random.


Continue the fun!

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