Rocking the house-wife thing!

We have not been eating very well recently. I have kind of stopped cooking. Partially because I feel like I’m not a very good cook, and partially because I’m just not motivated to do it! I told my husband that, and he of course said something about us cooking together and learning together. Then he said that if I’m not in the mood to cook, he would do it.

Which makes me feel bad, because I feel like it’s part of my “job”.

Last night while watching TV my husband made a suggestion. He said “What if, every time you crave something, we try cooking it from scratch, instead of running out and buying it?” (The curses of having a grocery store a half mile from our house. lol.).

So this morning, when I got up I was hunting in the kitchen for breakfast. I wasn’t in the mood for cereal, but I saw a package of muffin mix. Chocolate chip muffins, to be specific. Since Ginny was chilling in the swing I pulled on an apron and, leaving the mix in cupboard, I looked up a recipe for chocolate chip muffins and got to baking. I used this recipe, but forgot to do to topping part because Ginny was waking up. I’m sure they would’ve tasted better with the crumbles on top, but they were still decent. Plus… there was chocolate involved!

Once Ginny was sleeping I had a muffin, then did the dishes and answered some e-mails. Once she woke up I strapped her into my new baby carrier, and got busy. I switched the loads of laundry, folded laundry, and vacuumed. There is still plenty to do, and I am feeling so productive, so who knows! Maybe I’ll get a bunch more done! Or… maybe I’ll just hang out with Ginny!

My pearls give me house-wifey powers!

What makes you feel productive? For me it is just a big mind game!

Continue the fun!

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  1. I think B-Man had a great idea. It will give you confidance in the kitchen. An other thing I would recommend is to find good cookbooks and cooking blogs to inspire you.

    We tend to eat vegetarian at home, but here is where I get most of my inspiration: -> you can search by ingredients, meal type or season

    I bought the cookbook "Natural Every Day", great recipes too. ->She's a french cook, but it's all in English, great healthy, tasty recipes, dessert are not too sweet. The pictures are so inspiring.

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