what a smile

her sweet sleepy smiles have turned into purposeful smiles.

As B-man said, her first intentional communications.

She has been bright eyed since the day we brought her home from the hospital. She came out of the womb able to turn her head from side to side and look around. But now it is different. She becomes visibly interested when she sees the mobile above the changing table. As she sits in the swing she stares at the little black and white star hanging there.

But she also loves it when I play peek-a-boo with her. In the morning she smiles just hearing my voice. And this smile is the best thing in my world. I’m still trying to capture the wide mouth smile, but here is a beautiful, bright eyed smile from Ginny this morning.

The only problem I have taking pictures in her nursery is the shadows. The light in the middle of the ceiling casts shadows everywhere!

Continue the fun!

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    1. Thanks! It's hard to get a good picture because as soon as the camera comes out she stops smiling because she is so inquisitive. lol.

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