brain dump

  • Boobs are really weird things. I’ve kind of always thought this, but now more so than ever. lol.
  • I had a root canal. It cost several hundred dollars. Several, severals – actually.
  • I went to a children’s consignment sale today and bought a bunch of cute clothes for Ginny. Well… my Mom bought them (possibly because I mentioned in passing about my root canal bill, and she wanted to treat me. Either way, I’m so greatful for my Mama!). But she and I picked them out. I think I got 6 “outfits”. Three fancy dresses, one jumper, one shirt/leggings set, one set of adorable pants, and a rainbow sweater. Most of these things are 6 months size, so they don’t fit her yet, but then will! All of them are Gymboree, Baby Gap and Crazy 8. I’m actually going to post about them later, with pictures, because I got a great deal! Gotta love a good deal!
  • Baby girl is growing so much. Ginny is definitely more “baby” now, as opposed to squishy newborn. She:
    -almost has control of her arms, and can sleep (for a short time) with out being swaddled
    SMILES!!! Mostly just at me, but B-man has seen her smile too. For a while he probably thought I was crazy because every time I would get her smiling I would call him into the room, and then she would start crying. lol.
  • I have figured out the “Mom-Game“. That’s kind of how this whole thing feels to me. It’s a constant dance, trying to predict what is going to go wrong before it does so. I’ve even gotten to where I can tell when she’s thinking about trying to pee. lol. I think she is going to potty train early, because she really hates peeing. She has never sat in a wet diaper for more than a minute, but that minute is the worst minute of her life (if you could ask her!). And it’s not because of a rash or anything.
  • Not all babies are snuggly. Ginny lets me know when she is hungry and when she wants a binkie (some times she really just wants the binkie!), she tells me when she needs to burp, pee, poop, fart, and when she is tired. But she also tells me when she just wants to be set down. I spent a good amount of time checking diapers, offering food, binkies, and burping her. Finally I just set her down in exasperation… and she stopped crying. lol. Often she would rather lay in her crib/baby gym/swing, than be held and snuggled. Sometimes this makes me really sad, but I have to remember that she is already her own person and she knows what she wants!
  • I have a Mobi, but with the warm weather it is not very practical for going out on walks, so we got one of those regular baby carriers, and we are going to go on a walk when B-man finishes work and test it out. Hopefully my independent baby won’t mind it so much!
  • Finding time to work out is kind of hard. My hips are feeling better, but now my toe is hurting. I still can’t put closed toe shoes on with out severe pain, so it’s going to be a while before I can do anything more than walk (which I can do in flip flops!).
  • I think it’s weird that I am old enough to be married and have a baby, but I still can’t rent a car. lol.
It’s is a new week, and I am on top of my game!
(except that I'm super sleep and want to go
 to bed but instead I am going to do laundry,
 go for a while, shower, make dinner and 
love on my baby. I never knew I could be 
so productive!)
Continue the fun!

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    1. My mouth is definitely feeling better! I guess I just thought all babies liked being snuggled… they did have nine months of nothing but snuggling! lol.

    1. Depends on the company you rent from, and the state. If you are under 25 though, there is usually an additional daily charge to rent a car.

  1. My daughter disliked snuggling too when she was younger, and was mostly happy only in her bouncer (she spent hours there). But now that she's six months, she loves snuggling and being held, and will sit happily on my lap for up to 30 minutes at a time. Maybe Ginny will change her mind later!

    1. I've figured out that if I put her in her swing and she gets sleepy, I can then scoop her up and snuggle her! I'm sure most kids go through periods when they want to snuggle and when they don't throughout their lives!

  2. It's perfect walking weather these days. I am just loving the cooler temperatures and it's only going to get better. As long as it doesn't keep raining all the time : )

    1. It was so beautiful yesterday! We took the baby and the two dogs. Ginny's legs actually got chilly while we were walking!

  3. Have you hear of Elimination Comunication? It's this technique (?) about having the child communicate with you when they need to pee or poop. Y: ou can have them learn early on and vituraly eliminate the need for potty training. The way you talk about Ginny made me think of it. I've heard it mentionned before on a blog I think.

    PS: Did you name you daughter Virginia just so you could nickname her Ginny or did the nickname just come quickly? I can't help but think of Harry Potter's books every time you mention you daughter 🙂

    1. She is actually named for her grandmothers. Virginia is B-man's Mom's middle name, Mae is my Mom's middle name. Before she was born though, I thought it would be cool if she was named Ginny and born on HP's birthday, but it really wasn't a deciding factor. lol.

      I haven't heard of this technique, but I'm going to go read about it right now!

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