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I haven’t had much “spare” time recently. Just time. When I’m not feeding, burping, changing, dressing or holding the baby… I just sit down and try to not do anything. Sometimes I do things around the house, but I try not to push myself too much because I don’t want to get stressed out, and I can tell that I am on the edge of crazy right now.

Last night, at about 3 in the morning, I had spent 5 hours feeding, burping, changing, dressing and holding the baby. I knew she was exhausted, but she was swaddled, fed, clean, and… I had done everything I could think to do! her eyes drifted closed for the 100th time and I tried to set her down in the bassinet. I collapsed into bed, but 30 minutes later she was screaming again.

B-man got up and took her out into the living room, and that is where my memories end… because I was asleep.

At 9 am I woke up and took over. Despite several ounces of formula Ginny still alternated between light sleep and crying. It’s not painful crying, and she stops when we bounce and dance around, but we can only do that for long.

Thank goodness for this tag-teaming, but poor B-man then had to get up for work. At 9 I prescribed a nap and sent him to bed for a few hours.


In college I thought I knew what it meant to survive on no sleep. Ha!


So, in other news, once I get motivated enough to clean off the dining room table, I bought some fabric two weeks ago to take a stab at making baby clothes.


In general, Ginny is a good sleeper – but I think she may be going through a growth spurt… which would explain why she is hungry ALL the time and grumpy/not sleeping.

Oh yah – I had my 6 week post-natal appointment yesterday. It was a really short appointment. They weighed me, took my blood pressure, and then my doctor did a quick vaginal exam. Everything healed up nicely.

We had a conversation about birth control. I had been doing some research on my own. I decided to go with an IUD. The options are kind of limited while breastfeeding. My other option is the mini-pill, but it is very susceptible to human error. If you don’t take the pill at the same time every day, the effectiveness decreases significantly (while this is true for traditional BC pills, the mini-pill is even more exaggerated. If you miss a pill with traditional BC, you are more than likely still covered. If you are off by 6 hours with the mini pill, it won’t work). Since I’ve been known to miss pills before, I don’t think that something so fickle is the best choice for me. Before getting pregnant I used Ocella – a regular two hormone pill.

So are you a pill kind of person? I actually started taking BC to help with cramping, bad skin, and to make sure I could find a pill I was compatible with before getting married. Any one have any experience with Mirena/IUD?

Continue the fun!

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  1. I have the IUD – even though some doctors won't put them in childless women, I talked mine into it. I love it – it's so easy (obviously) because you don't have to remember anything. As far as I know, there are no real side effects. Sometimes I have painful cramping, but that's not really any different than before I had it, because I always had bad cramps. They're just more… focused now. I guess. I can feel them exactly in my cervix. And it was a painful insertion, but I think that's because I haven't had any babies stretching my insides out at all. I rarely get a period now, and I love it. Every two months or so I'll spot for a day or two, and maybe twice a year I'll spot for 4 or 5 days.

    1. I think anything going through the cervix is painful – even though I've had a baby my doctor told me it would hurt and to take some advil before hand!

      I am most worried about constantly being worried that I am pregnant, because with out that monthly confirmation that I'm not pregnant… I should take stock in a company that makes pregnancy tests. lol. Perhaps I won't worry too much… since I have gone 10+ months with out a period, so it won't be too much of a change.

      I did read that people typically gain weight because of it, did you notice that?

      1. Hmm, regarding weight gain, it's hard to say. I never gained a significant amount of weight, but I could have gained a few pounds and don't remember. If I did, it eventually all leveled out. I've had it in for almost four years now and I have no problem sustaining my weight. (I am careful but not militant.)

        As for being worried that you're pregnant, well sometimes I do feel like, how would I know if I was? But I just let myself trust the 99% effectiveness. I would never win the lottery, so I'll just assume I won't get preg with an IUD either. 🙂

        I hope it works well for you; the simplicity is really nice.

        1. Haha – I'm the kind of person who says "I could win the lottery!"… not that I am particularly lucky, but I have big dreams!

  2. I feel paranoid about the IUD's possible infection or slippage risk (and the small risk of serious side effects), so I went with Implanon, which is birth control implanted under your skin (you can't see it though).

    I've had it 5 months now and it is awesome. Good things: 1. nothing to do: it automatically releases hormones (taking BC pills was always tedious); 2. it lasts for up to 3 years (3 years of doing nothing! yay), though you can remove it at any time and get pregnant right away, just like BC pills; and 3. It's perhaps the most effective BC method out there. Also, 30% of women stop having their period while having it (I haven't had mine yet, although I am still exclusively breastfeeding, so it's hard to say what's causing it). Other side effects are pretty minimal.

    You have to get it inserted at your doctor's office, and the insertion is a little bit painful (requires local anesthetic). The place where it was inserted was red and a little itchy for a few days after (disappeared before a week was up). I haven't had any other problems. You might want to consider it!

    (Also, sorry to hear about fussy baby. Supposedly, fussiness reaches its peak at 6 weeks, and declines from there, so things should start looking up soon.)

    1. I'm worried about those things too, but with proper maintenance they are not really things worth worrying about. Apparently infection used to be a major concern, but they have since changed the types of material used in making the IUD, and the risk of infection has decreased a lot.

      The IUD has a lot of the same positives going for it (except it can last from 5 – 10 years depending on the type of IUD). I know the possibilities seem scary, but the percentages of those things happening are really low. I looked it up and the hormones in Implanon do pass in to breastmilk, which is what I am trying to avoid (which is why I'm limited to the mini pill or the IUD, since progesterin does not pass into breastmilk. Plus, since the hormones from the IUD go straight to the uterus, a woman is less likely to have the hormonal side effects that are typical with the pills.

  3. I have the Mirena and I love love love it. I was worried about getting something with hormones since I was on the patch and then the pill for the first 3 months of my marriage and they both made me so crazy in the head and I gained like 20+ lbs. My doctor talked me into it the Mirena over the Paragard and I'm so glad he did. I've had it for almost 6 months and I've had my period every month, but very lightly, no cramping, and my weight has stayed the same, although that is through strictly monitoring my diet, I can definitely feel the increased appetite side effect. Even with that, though, it's totally worth it to not have to worry about birth control for the next year.

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