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Last Monday, on my anniversary, I injured my pinky toe. It was kind of like when you stub your toe, but the other side of my foot, and my toe was kind of pulled away from my foot. It was very painful.

I spent the first few days hobbling around, wearing only flip-flops to avoid the pressure on my little toe. By Sunday my toe still hurt, but I was walking normally. Half of my foot was covered in a dark blue bruise, but it was feeling better.

Then on Monday I was trying to get things cleaned up around the house (we have PILES and PILES of papers and mail and stuff sitting on our dining room table that I have to take care of because B-man can’t do it… he just doesn’t know what to do with most of it!). So I was walking around and as I went to move some books to a near by bookcase I kicked the leg of our piano-keyboard… with my almost healed toe.

It was all I could do to not cry out in pain, because the last thing I wanted to do was wake the sleeping baby in the swing right next to me. But it was just like the first day I’d hurt my toe. I called B-man who helped me to the couch and got me some ice for my re-injured toe.

So that is my poor toe… bruised up and hurting all over again.

As for my teeth, last week I mentioned the ridiculous amount of pain I was getting from one side of my mouth. I literally could not eat, since one side was hurting and the other side had a missing filling. So the next day I went to the dentist. They replaced the filling – giving me back one side of my mouth to be able to chew (yah! food!). After some x-rays and a cold test (where they see how long it takes for the nerve in your tooth to register a cold sensation on the tooth), the “bad” tooth was found. It was a tooth that I had a very deep filling in already. Honestly – the filling probably should’ve been a root canal to begin with. The x-rays showed some shadowing around the bottom of the filling, so the dentist went to numb up my mouth to start on a root canal.

When you go to the dentist in pain “root canal” doesn’t sound so terrible, since it will make the pain stop.

But after three shots of anesthetic… including one at the root of the actual tooth… they started in on the root canal. Unfortunately I could still feel the water from the drill causing shooting pain through my jaw.

Because of the infection (those shadows on the x-ray), my tooth was hyper sensative. So we decided to do a run of anti-biotics before trying again.

So Tuesday morning, at 7 am, I will be getting a root canal. Most people probably cringe at the thought, but I can’t wait to be able to eat with out worrying about keeping my food on one side of my mouth.

Wish me luck!

Continue the fun!

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  1. Sorry about your toe! Hope it heals quickly!

    On the root canals I've had, once they get me numbed up, it's always smooth sailing and other than slight pressure tenderness for a day or so afterwards, it just feels better! Mine were always for teeth that actually broke- usually because of aging fillings that leaked.

    I'm not surprised your dentist tried to get it done right then. If they don't, most people don't come back until it's too late and infection may have spread into the jaw bone or theres a major abcess and then the major surgery has to be done or you lose the tooth altogether. So it's really good you're getting it taken care of. The methods they use now really do minimize discomfort. The anxiety is probably the worst part. But my dental team is so good, I completely got over mine, which is a miracle in itself, because I am totally doctor-phobic! Good luck with yours. Just keep remembering how much better you will feel!

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