Ummm… really?

I am slightly annoyed right now. Why? Because I am sitting in the Mother’s Room at church, nursing my baby, and there is a 6 year old boy sleeping in the chair next to me. When I walked into the room I was surprised to see him sleeping in the recliner, so I sat the chair up, and tried to wake the boy. Surely some one was looking for him! After a moment I decides I would ask the primary president from the other ward if she knew who he was. I knew the boy was not from my ward, since the families are sitting together in sacrament right now. 

So the primary president came into the small room and said “oh, I know who this is… but he’s a very heavy sleeper, so he will just sleep through you being here. Don’t worry about him. As long as you are okay with him in here…” then she left.

Well… excuuuuuse me. I am not okay with him being in here, if I was I wouldn’t have come and told you!

My baby was screaming, so I gave up and sat down to feed Ginny. 

About 10 minutes later the boys Mom walked into the room. She just smiled, brushed the boys hair from his face, pulled at his clothes a little… PUSHED THE CHAIR BACK TO RECLINE AGAIN and then left him there!

So pardon me… but this is the nursing mother’s room… not the child’s napping room. I get it, your kid is tired, but if he is so tired that he can’t sit through sunday school… he should probably be at home. 


Continue the fun!

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  1. Wow, so much for encouraging your children to participate in Sunday church activities. I feel like there are a ton of other places he could nap in the church building that wouldn't be, you know, the nursing room.

    1. I have a feeling that the family might be slightly inactive, which is why no one wanted to push things – people are so afraid to offend others.

  2. So annoying, especially because when you are tense it's harder to nurse (at least for me). And usually Mothers' Rooms are really small, so if he's there it's not so easy to ignore him. Super lame.

    1. Yah – it is a rather small room. So if some one else had come in, there wouldn't have been room in there. Plus, there were only 2 arm chairs in the room, and one was broken. The boy was sleeping in the non-broken one, so I ended up sitting in the broken one that didn't rock and just made clacking noises each time I would move. 🙁

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