Think positive thoughts.

So, I had a meeting this morning, and left rather disgruntled. I felt the meeting was less productive than it should’ve been, and I left feeling a little deflated.

BUT… thankfully my day got better. I went over to TSD to do some more volunteering. I’m helping take language samples and it is so much fun. I really love working with these kids. Every time I go I feel like I picked the wrong major! And then I think “Oh no, I have to go back to school!” Because I really think that teaching is what I want to do.
Now what? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll go back to school and get a degree in general education. Bah! This is where my stress levels increase and I start to think “Oh now I can’t do anything?!”
Almost done. Almost done.
Sorry… I don’t have any more coherent sentences.
Later: our new “diet” and “work-out” schedule. Woot!
Continue the fun!

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