So I have been having regular contractions, ten minutes apart/lasting 60+ seconds, for two days now. They get stronger if I walk and move around… but umm… two days! lol. Some hurt and make me pause, and some I don’t notice unless I touch my stomach.

For those of you who have never experienced such a thing, the non-painful ones are signified by my stomach turning into a rock. This would be cooler if it magically molded into a six pack, instead it really feels like there is a watermelon directly under my skin. As for the painful ones, I would compare them to a Charley horse which is a type of cramp I’m guessing most people have experienced at some point. If you can’t imagine it… tense up your calf muscle till it hurts. It feels kind of like that (same sensation, varying intensities).

In the pre-birth class we took at the hospital the teacher had us hold crushed ice in our hand for 60 seconds to simulate a contraction. I thought it was silly at the time, but it actually does feel kind of like  that (sometimes).

So… not really in too much pain just yet. I could take some tylanol and knock it out, but I like feeling them. Weird? Maybe. It feels kind of good to know that (hopefully) things are progressing and that I might not have to be induced! Wouldn’t that be great! When a more painful one comes I can’t help smiling, it’s kind of like a “feel the burn” kind of smile.

Continue the fun!

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  1. that's so exciting!!! Thanks for the description of what they feel like, now I don't feel as crazy when I have braxton-hicks, I describe them the same way as you do the real ones! Good luck, she will be here so soon!

  2. I hope that your day is going well. My kiddos teased too, with a lot of contractions. I hope your little girl doesn't hold out too long for you!

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