it’s a small world

So my friend Chrissy has been living in France for the past… long time. Like… a year? Or maybe it was just a semester. I don’t know, but it sure felt like a really long time! I was hoping she would be able to come to my baby shower, but unfortunately moving between countries requires people to do boring stuff like find a new apartment and get a job. Meh. Luckily I have no life and am pretty much free during the week, so she came down to visit me and we went out to lunch and then did some shopping for stuff I needed to get together for the baby shower.

I know, I’m an exciting date!

Any way, we took this picture, and there are two things that I want to point out.

  1. I really do love that striped shirt and I probably wear it far more often than anything else in my “maternity” wardrobe. I guess I should get all of the wearing in now, since I won’t want to wear it when I’m not pregnant, because it definitely emphasizes the “I’m pregnant!” body parts.

Why didn’t any one tell me I look like a crazy walking zombie.

By the way… I slept a good 12 hours last night, and only had to get out of bed 4 times. I woke up and my husband was missing… but it took me about 2 seconds to figure he was in the living room playing some video game. This was at 9 am. Why in the world would some one want to get up at 9 am to play a video game? Apparently I am a TV hog, and he doesn’t ever get to play it because I am too busy watching HGTV. He feels bad kicking me off the TV, so instead he wakes up early on a Saturday to play video games.


I found him. Rolled my eyes. And went back to sleep until noon.


Continue the fun!

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