Appointment # 11 – surprises

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I purposefully made my appointment with the one doctor that had yet to see me cry. The one and only time I had seen her before she seemed really nice, and open to discussion about my treatment.

I got there a few minutes early. Not sure how I managed that, since I was the one who had to take the dogs out this morning, and I showered and blow-dried my hair. Time moves slower with out B-man here.

When the nurse called my name we walked into the normal exam room, and she pulled out one of those paper sheets… ya know… the kind they give you when they do your yearly exam. I wasn’t aware of any procedures that were supposed to be happening.

I feel so out of the loop some times. So I asked why she had just asked me to lose the pants. Apparently 35 weeks is when they do the Group B strep test to see if I will need to take antibiotics during labor. Oooookay.

Before stripping though the nurse took my weight, BP and then went on to the baby’s heart rate. I laid back, pulled my shirt up, and the nurse started using the little wand thingy on my stomach to search for the heart beat.

This, my dear friends, was the scariest minute and a half of my life. THAT’S HOW LONG IT TOOK TO FIND THE HEART RATE. For a few seconds I really thought that the baby might be dead. Then she found it. End freak out.

It was scary though, because usually they find the heart beat really quickly. I guess the baby is laying with her back against my back, facing my belly button, which can make it difficult to find the heartbeat just because of her location. On top of that my placenta is on the front, so that makes things a little fuzzier too.

Breeeeathe. It’s a good thing she took MY heart rate first, because after that my heart was going a mile a minute.

The stats were:

Weight: 234

BP: 136/66

Baby’s <3 rate: 132 (120-160 is normal)

Of course, as soon as the nurse walked out I felt a little butt in my rib cage and some knees on my stomach. Kind of like she was saying ‘Haha, fooled ya Mom!”

Not funny.

I told the nurse about a pain I’ve been experiencing… it’s kind of in a weird place. It’s like a shooting pain that starts at my cervix and then the whole va-jay-jay. I also mentioned that over the last two weeks I’ve lost 10 pounds.

The doctor came in and did the test for Group B Strep and she did a cervical check (at my request, since I have been having those strange pains). She said that the pain is from Bebe’s head coming down and pressing on the cervix (which is a good thing) and that I was about 20% effaced, but not dilated. She said that’s a pretty good start at 35 weeks, and that hopefully it will continue so that I don’t have to be induced.

I agree.

I asked her about the weight loss, and she didn’t seem concerned. My glucose numbers are all good, the fluid is measuring fine, my fundal measurement is good, and the baby is moving regularly.


I now weigh 20 pounds less than I did when I got pregnant.

The doctor stepped out while I put my pants back on, and then came back for a little chat.

First I asked about the “standard of care” and she said she would get a print out for me. Yah! I need to call about that tomorrow I guess. lol.

Then I mentioned that all of these appointments are causing me a lot of stress, and that I was frustrated with the way things were being handed. I pointed out that my numbers have been fine the entire time, all of them. I voiced my concerns about the impact that the stress and anxiety is having, and asked why things were being handled the way they are being handled. I wasn’t sure what to expect as a response.

She was really kind, but essentially said that they have to follow the prescribed standard of care guidelines, because if they don’t they could be sued. She didn’t say it like that.

I get that.

It was actually very eloquent. She said she used to work in a community that had a lot of Amish people. The Amish women would not come in for regular appointments, but only when there was something wrong. In that type of community the care was more patient focused, and while they had the standard of care, everything was patient driven. But here, in the city I guess, people are pretty sue happy. So if they don’t follow the rules to a T, and something goes wrong they will be held responsible.

Then she said something I didn’t expect. She suggested that, even at 35 weeks, perhaps I should consider changing to a midwife, or even having a homebirth.

My doctor said that.

She also said that among the practices in this area, they are probably the most lenient. I’m guessing this is because, of all of the doctors in the area, this group is pretty young.

At this point, I’m just going to suck it up. It’s all for the best, even if some of it is blown out of proportion.


After all of the talking, I got some blood drawn by the same lady as before. She stuck the needle in and THEN tried to find the vein.

This blood draw was for the standard 35 week Complete Blood Count and to test for Syphilis.

Continue the fun!

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    1. I am tempted, but the reason we didn't use a midwife to begin with was cost. Our insurance covers the hospital birth almost completely (our cost is * supposedly* under $1000, before complications.) Plus we had to pre-pay for the hospital birth, and I don't think we would be able to get any of that money back.

      Next time though… definitely trying something different. I don't know if I could do a homebirth, but I will look into using a birthing center/midwife instead of the OBGYN/Hospital route.

  1. I really hope this is the doctor that delivers you! She sounds like a good listener, and someone who is willing to discuss things openly with you.

    Glad you finally tracked down the SOC, too! I'm curious what it says.

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