Back Tracking: Easter in Nashville

B-man and I have been planning on visiting Nashville for a while. It was on my list of 23 things to do before I turn 23, and it was part of expanding B-man’s horizons. I can now say I only have 22 things left to do, and B-man can say the furthest West (in the US) that he has been is now Nashville! We also got to see extended family, and B-man got to meet relatives that were unable to make it up for our wedding.
We arrived Friday afternoon. I love visiting my Aunt & Uncle’s home. It’s always so beautiful, and every one is so welcoming and kind. I don’t know how we managed to draw the longest straw, but we ended up sleeping in a room that felt more like a hotel than most hotels I’ve stayed in.
We also snagged our own bathroom! Both were so spacious and beautiful. It definitely felt like a vacation, which is wonderful – because I was in desperate need of a comfy bed, and a bigger bathroom.
On Saturday Brandan and I made a trip to Franklin (which get’s its own blog post). We did a bit of touristing, and then went back to the house for…
Some quality swim time. The pool was so nice and refreshing. See! Just like a hotel, but with better company!
After church we opened up Easter baskets! Ours was German/European themed!
My Aunt The Easter bunny also include these for me!
Because I’m One Shiny Star! I’m also a big fan of post-it notes. Yes!
Then every one had a job to do…
Some how Brandan got the best job, but I think he ended up playing video games any way. I think he really enjoyed getting to be around some guys his own age!
As people started arriving, my cousin’s boyfriend decided it was a good time to try and rescue this kite… again. They had tried on Friday with little success.
So every one trounced out to the field, and with a bottle of some car fluid tied to a rope, they put in their best effort to get the kite down. It had only been there two years!
Oh well… I’m sure my Aunt’s dog Rocky enjoyed being out there while the fun lasted!
Then it was dinner time!
The food was delicious and the company was fantastic.

My Dad’s brother’s family was not able to make it up for the wedding, but they finally got to meet B-man, and I’m glad we got to see them (well… almost all of them, once of my cousin’s had to work).
B-man in a food coma!
I was nervous about leaving the dogs, but everything turned out fine… better than fine! I am really glad we went! The dogs were happy to see us when we got home, but Zuko had chewed off his harness…. gah! I had bought the one that was a little more sturdy and expensive, in hopes that it would last… but apparently puppies left to their own devices will chew on ANYTHING. At least it wasn’t his bed! Now he has a new, blue collar. I prefer the harness… it’s like a puppy-handle!
We really did have a fabulous time though, and I’m hoping it won’t be too long until we see every one again!
Continue the fun!

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