this is not about the baby in my uterus!

Today is my last day as a substitute teacher. Yes, I could potentially take other sub jobs in the future, but I have been subbing every day since the end of May… and I am so thankful that it is finally over!


I really thought I wanted to be a teacher.

But guys… that stuff is hard! I have done plenty of student teaching. Plenty of volunteer teaching, summer camp working, and even got a degree in education! But after having to come up with lesson plans by the seat of my pants, and having to deal with some of the rudest children I have ever met… I will definitely think really, really, really hard before I go into teaching high school.

On the other hand… this experience has not completely turned me away from teaching. But I think I would be better at the college level.

When I was in high school I was a very responsible, generally respectful kid. Mostly because I was afraid I would get in trouble at home if any word of misbehavior got back to my parents. But in college… it’s all on the student. Teacher’s don’t have to call parents to inform them of their child’s laziness or failing grades. That was probably the worst part.

In the mean time… I am putting my dreams of becoming a teacher on a shelf. Not a high, hidden shelf, it’s going on an eye level shelf in the living room. I can’t wait to get back to interpreting… and hopefully interpreting college classes. I don’t want to step into another high school for… a long time.

I have some stories I want to share, but I have to wait until I am done with this job completely.

Also… we got our pool passes done yesterday.

I bought sun screen today.

I really really want to go to the pool…

But my swimsuit is a little tight. lol.

Continue the fun!

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    1. Yah – teaching in general is tough! I think my problem is that a lot of my favorite teaching techniques are more appropriate to college aged students than to high school students. And again, I think a big part of my problems were related to stepping at the end of the year, after another teacher had set up an exceptionally tolerant of really inappropriate behaviors. So, those two things combined just made it really challenging.

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